Monday, December 7, 2020

Second Week of Advent

The kids got to open their first gift cards in the Advent calendar from Grandpa and Nana.  They got McDonald's and Apple.  They have really been enjoying getting an extra treat with our Jesse Tree story each evening.
On Saturday we used the McDonald's gift card for lunch.  Cheeseburger, McNuggets, and Fries!
We waited for Jimmy to get home from work to open our stocking presents.  Esme loved giving Peppa Pig and her family baths, so I had to get this spa set when I saw it.  Parker got his very own mini fan to carry anywhere he'd like!  Jimmy received some funky flavored almonds and more Crunch bells.  I got a Lego Star Wars video game for PS3.  I've been loving playing an older game recently, so it makes more sense that it seems to get a game for a 14 year old system.
Love is this weeks theme.  We read our devotion from church and made a love garland that we hung on our wreath.
It's been an emotional struggle lately, feeling isolated from family and friends more that we had been over the summer.  I think the holiday season makes it even harder, but I know there are good reasons for it and we will make it through.  Hoping you can find the love of the Christmas season.

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