Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Christmas Day 2022

It's Christmas morning!  The kids don't normally have too many presents to open at our house on Christmas morning.  We don't do Santa and they get so much from others that we keep it low key.  But, I found several things for both of them that I just couldn't pass up, so they had 3 gifts each when they woke up.
After breakfast, we headed over to my parents house for the rest of the day.  Before lunch, we opened the "Santa" bags my mom puts together.
We had prime rib for the main lunch meal.
We were overdue for a grandkids only picture, so we made sure to get one.  My dad wanted to get one with him as well.
Then it was on to the presents!  Parker and Esme helped Jameson and Jaxxon open theirs.  My mom and I made them their own Husker blankets with a Minnesota Twins print on the other side.
Esme has entered the peak present age and loves getting new stuff.  Parker has come in to his own as well and likes to see what's coming next.
Esme had asked my dad for a bowl with a cover, so he made her a segmented one filled with candy.  She loves it so much and stores her most prized possessions in it.
These were some of the best moments of the day.  Esme screaming in excitement for "more Barbies" and Parker wrapping himself in his pizza blanket were priceless.
We finished the day playing cards to win gift cards.  There were 13 rounds and I won 6 of them.  Not everyone lasted all 13 rounds, but I stuck it out.
Pizza wrapped eating pizza!  Now that the high chairs are out for the boys, Parker has been intrigued by them again.  He still fits!
One last picture of the guys and their bomber hats before heading home for the night.
Merry Christmas Ya'll, hope it was great for you too!

Thursday, December 22, 2022

Recent Vinyl Projects

I've been doing quite a few vinyl projects over the last few months.  Here is a wrap up of them.  My nephew, Jayden, wanted to be Napoleon Dynamite for halloween, so I made him a Vote for Pedro Shirt and he borrowed Esme's llama stuffy.
We got Esme in the football spirit with a custom Vikings shirt.  I really love this design and may need one for myself.
Jimmy got some long overdue, better fitting Gopher and Husker shirts.
Parker for a custom tire shirt for his birthday and I made the "calves" one as an inside joke with some friends at church.
I added some sparkly snowflakes to this already sparkly shirt for Esme.
Jaxxon and Jameson got some adorable onesies for Thanksgiving.
The biggest project of the season was making signs for church.  We are finishing up a Name Above All Names series on Christmas Eve and I made a sign for each name in the series.  There were hung on the stage, then moved to the side walls as the series progressed.  They wanted a painted look without the painted effort and this gold vinyl did the trick.  It was my first time using heat transfer on paper and I am really pleased with how it turned out.
Lastly, I did a quick set of shirts for my friend, Lisa.  She is giving her girls a trip to Glacier National Park for Christmas.  They will have so much fun together.

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Christmases 1 and 2

Our marathon of a day on Sunday continued with Jimmy's immediate family Christmas.  We hosted again this year, but only had to make a couple sides and a dessert.  
Jimmy's mom made brisket again and added a spiral cut ham to the menu.  Beans, cornbread, mac and cheese, and salad rounded out the meal.
We opened presents after eating and both kids were spoiled as usual.
The new drawing pillowcases from Grandma Herrmann were number blocks for Esme and a tire for Parker.

Shelby Sheep was also added to Esme's Cabbage Patch Cuties collection.  She had fun again with Emma and instagram filters.
After that, we headed to Jimmy's aunt and uncles house to celebrate with the extended family.  Here are all the grand kids that were in attendance.  This was our first post-covid holiday gathering and I really missed hanging out with them.