Saturday, September 30, 2023

Church Women's Event and Esme Fall Festival

I helped plan and host a kick-off event for our women's ministry at church last weekend.  Other than a weekly Bible study, there have been no women's events post covid.  This was more of an icebreaker/introduction event for folks with some like refreshments and games.
Esme had her fall festival at school on Friday.  They had an obstacle course in the gym, dancing in the performance center and dinner in the cafeteria among other things.
It was nice to see some old friends and meet some of her new ones as well.

Friday, September 22, 2023

Beyond 100 Parks #113 - Deacons Park - Blaine, MN

We had a park date night this week. We grabbed some take out from Wild Bill's in Blaine then headed to a nearby park.

This was out first park in Blaine.  I didn't see a sign when we first arrived, but we saw it as we were leaving.  This park is close to TPC Twin Cities golf course and had some golf themed features.
Key Features
Esme's favorite part was the playhouse that she turned in to a restaurant. Jimmy had to order at the window then got to sit inside to eat.
This one gets 8 swings.  A bit dated, but a lot of variety.

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Beyond 100 Parks #112 - Heather Ponds Park - Brooklyn Park, MN

Our park resurgence continues and credit goes to Esme.  She's been asking to visit parks a lot and wants to bring the basketball or a frisbee along too.  We forgot the basketball for this one and she was bummed.
Key Features
I love when we find old school style merry go rounds.  This was a small one, but fun none the less.
There were so many different areas to choose from.
This one deserves 9 swings for sure since it's got a little something for everyone.

Tuesday, September 12, 2023


I think I mentioned that Parker went to Valleyfair, our local amusement park, 8 times this summer.  I was excited to go with him to see what rides he enjoyed.  My mom and nephew joined us as well.  Jimmy was fighting a bit of a cold and decided to stay home.
First stop was a no-brainer.  Parker talked about the ferris wheel all summer!  I was excited he liked it since he didn't want to go on the Mall of America one in February.
Next up was Monster.
Jayden and I headed to Corkscrew while my mom took the kids for a bathroom break.  My mom was waiting for us after the first run saying that Parker wanted to go on it too.  I was surprised since it's a "loopty-loop" as Esme says.
So we exited and came back as quick as we could and hopped back on.
He must have liked it because we rode it again  before leaving.
Most of the concessions were closed, but we were able to get an ice cream cone for Esme.
Mad Mouse
My mom didn't want to go on Renegade, but I convinced her to since it was only thrill level 4.  Here is the before and after.  She may be smiling in the after, but she was not happy.
Planet Snoopy had some smaller rides that we enjoyed as well.
Bumper Cars
Round 2 on Monster
Round 2 on the Ferris Wheel
Swings again.
One last kiddie coaster before heading out for the night.
Such a fun afternoon!