Friday, October 31, 2014

Trunk or Treat!

Our little drummer boy!
 The neighbor boys cam over again to get a picture together.  Kasa was more interested in the toys so it was just Parker, Rollie, and Odie.
 After pictures we headed to our church for trunk or treat!  This is a non-scary, family friendly event that a lot of churches and other organizations to for their communities.  People decorate their vehicles and you go around trick or treating.  It was so much fun, I hope they do it again next year!
Charlie Brown
 He loved going from car to car and just running wild!
 It wouldn't be halloween 2014 without a Frozen themed car!
 The disco car was his favorite.
Mickey Mouse
Pirates treasure chest
Horse trailer with candy in the trough
My favorite were the Christmas ones!
 We headed to Grandpa and Nana's after for dinner, but we had to ring the doorbell first.
 Trick or Treat Nana!
We hope you have a fabulous and fun Halloween too!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Carving Pumpkins

Parker was pretty indifferent to the pumpkins again this year.  At least until I showed him how to drum on them!
 But I did get one cute picture!
 I was the lone carver so I stayed pretty simple!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Greetings from China

I have been waiting weeks to make this post.  My parents took a trip to China this fall and sent a postcard early in their trip.  I was starting to think it was never going to come!  But, it finally arrived yesterday, almost a month after it was sent!  I was much more excited than he was, but someday he will appreciate it.
 They were lucky enough to have great internet for the first several days of the trip so we got to video chat every day!  It was fun to talk to them half way around the world!  They were 13 hours ahead of us which also made it easy to chat in the morning/evening.
They had a great time and made it home safe.  Parker even got a t-shirt from the Great Wall of China!
I am pretty jealous of their trip, I hope to get there someday too!

Parker's Halloween Costume

We went a bit obscure this year, but I am loving it!  He will be having a rockstar/drummer birthday party and I have been in the habit of coordinating that and Halloween.  Our whole family loves Owl City and Adam Young, so why not dress Parker up like him!  One of his iconic looks is the one below.
 He also has a pair of signature shoes, Onitsuka Tigers.
 So, I set out to recreate this look.  I took a pair of his darker wash jeans and temporarily took them in to create a pair of skinny jeans.  I never thought I would put him in skinny jeans, but they are pretty darn adorable!  To recreate the shoes I picked up some plain black canvas shoes at Walmart and created the design with fabric paint and added some laces.  Lastly, I bought some remnant black fabric and made a cute little vest and tie to complete the look.
 We went to a local harvest party this morning to test it our before Halloween.
 Parker loved the bounce house, as usual, and was mad when it was time to go.
 We trick-or-treated at some local businesses as well.
I did also have some drum sticks for him to wear to make it a little clearer he was a musician, but he wasn't a fan of them.  I might make a "We love Adam Young" sign for myself to carry on Halloween, or just let him be a cute this hipster guy!

Friday, October 24, 2014


We visited Jimmy's dad in the hospital tonight.  He just had a minor procedure, but has to stay a couple nights because of his LVAD.  He went napless this afternoon so he fell asleep on the drive there.
 We had a fun visit, then grabbed diner at the cafeteria,  Parker loved his pizza.
No offense to Jimmy's dad, but the best part of the night was when we left.  We walked out with Jimmy's mom and as we were parting ways Parker said a perfect and clear "bye!"  He has said it at speech, but never spontaneously and appropriately!  It just about made me cry in the hospital lobby.  I am so proud of this little guy!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Afternoon at the Pumpkin Patch

It was another beautiful Saturday here in MN so we decided to hit up the pumpkin patch this afternoon!  Parker thought it was fun to ride in the wagon!
 The field was pretty picked over, but we found a couple good ones.
 Last year, Parker couldn't have cared less for the corn pit, but went back to loving it this year.
 Next stop was the pumpkin jumper, but that didn't keep him entertained for very long.
 He was not very excited to head home...I guess that means we will be back next year!