Saturday, April 30, 2022

Parker's School Carnival

Parker has a fundraising carnival at school on Friday.  They had a food truck out front and lots of games inside.  We got some mini donuts before heading in.
I didn't have much cash, so we just got a 20 punch ticket and checked out the offerings.
Esme might have had more fun than Parker.  She really enjoyed seeing what was in each room and trying them out.  It also was one more event that made things feel a little more normal.

Monday, April 25, 2022

Rev Sports Soccer

Esme started a 4 week soccer class on Sunday through community education.  Once this one is complete, she will do a 4 week baseball class as well.  I thought this would be a nice way to test out some sports without committing to a whole season.  It was cold and windy, so the class had to move inside to the gym.  Hopefully we will get to have it outside on the turf field.

Her coach was amazing.  He really has a gift for teaching little kids.  Esme had a friend from church in the class so there was a familiar face.  She started without shoes because I had only brought her cleats thinking we'd be outside.  Luckily, Jimmy was able to run over with her tennis shoes.
Go team!

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Birthday Fun at MOA

We had one more day of birthday fun with Esme at Mall of America.  The kids didn't have school Monday so Parker hung out with Grandpa Buxton while Esme, Nana, and myself went to the mall for a morning of adventure.  The first thing she wanted to do was go on the escalator.  We did that a lot!
We walked around the first floor while waiting for Build-a-Bear Workshop to open up.  Esme threw a couple coins in the fountain.
I've been thinking about doing this with her for a while since she loves her stuffies so much.  She pretty quickly chose Mei-Mei in panda form from Turning Red.  It was already pretty busy, but we got in line just in time to escape the long wait at the filling station.
She also picked out some adorable Turning Red pajamas, but Mei-Mei is bigger than the regular bears, so they didn't fit.  She picked out some cool sneakers instead.
She got to press the pedal while the worker filled her panda.
Then she added a delicious strawberry scent and a special heart.  She gave her a big hug before the worker closed her up with 6 knots for turning 6!
Next up we stopped by Nickelodeon Universe and tried a couple rides. We've come here a couple times with Parker, but never with Esme.  She had a blast!
Last stop was to get some ice cream before heading home.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Easter 2022

Easter is here!  One nice thing about church starting later now is that we had plenty of time for an egg hunt before heading out.  Both kids got a little basket with a chocolate bunny and some toys, then headed outside.

We didn't get a picture with Esme's birthday sign, so I took this opportunity to get one.
Esme loved emptying all the eggs after we found them all.  We've got a lot of candy in the house now!
Next was church then off to Jimmy's parents for lunch.
Esme had a blast playing with Emma and making silly pictures with Instagram filters and playing Sorry.
Happy Easter, He Is Risen!