Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Big Laughs

Just a quick update, we've been having all sorts of fun over here.  Nothing is better than hanging out with these two!
Jimmy got Esme really laughing on Sunday, it was so cute.
 Here are Esme's pictures from last week.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

1st Annual Buxton-Herrmann Golf Outing

Jimmy and I won a round of golf for two at a local course a couple years ago.  We've long had intentions of using it, but never got around to it.  This year my parents happened to win the same prize at the same fundraiser, so we resolved to get out and golf together this year.  It finally happened on Sunday and we had a blast!  Jimmy's parents were kind enough to keep the kids and the course was just a few minutes from their house.  It was a beautiful afternoon, but the bugs started to come out the later it got.
My dad has made fun of Jimmy's plaid shorts in the past, but he's got his own "Jimmy shorts" now.  Those are some good looking dudes.
Jimmy and I are not the best golfers and rarely play a full 18.  We had to get creative with some shots.  I got to use my foot wedge a few times, including this one.
We finished 18 just as the sun was setting.
We all had a great time and decided we should make this an annual thing!  Hopefully we can get out a few more times next year, so we aren't so terrible.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A New Apple Store

Our home Apple Store at Ridgedale Mall moved in to a new space just in time for the iPhone 7 launch on Friday.  While we didn't pre-order this year, we did stop by on Saturday to check out the store and the new phones!  We weren't totally sure where it would be, but they moved right inside the entrance we usually use.  Destiny!  We saw a big Apple logo on the wall as we walked in and turned the corner to see the huge front facade, it was beautiful.
The inside was just as impressive.  There are more display tables, a large video screen in the middle and fun new accessory wall.
All the cases are displayed on the front of drawers that store the products for purchase.

And who doesn't love an Apple meme with a baby?!?!  Esme is being raised right!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

More 5 Month Photo Fun

As promised, I took some more 5 month pictures on Saturday.  It was a great opportunity to dress Esme up in her "Stay Fancy" outfit!  I only got a couple grins, but they are still adorable!
 I normally try to take pictures without Parker around, but couldn't this time.  He had a fun time sabotaging the pictures.
 Here are a few more from last week.  Parker's fascination with Esme's toys continues with the exersaucer.  He finally decided to climb all the way in!
 Esme is on the move as well!  Who needs to crawl when you can wiggle your way around.  She started on the play mat and was on the hardwood when I came back a few minutes later!  We never really un-baby-proofed, so at least we are ready!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Esme June - Five Months Old

 Esme is five months old today.  She loves playing on her activity mat and in the exersaucer (which Jimmy calls the Command Center!)  She will bounce a little, hit the light and music buttons and watch Parker run around.  She started solids this month and has tried oatmeal, avocado, and peas.  I have been much more sporadic with solids that I was with Parker.  We are busier with 2 kids and we also didn't start anything other than oatmeal until 6 months.  She is starting to explore more with her mouth.  She chews on her hands a lot and will also shove her bib up there.  She is starting to get drooly like Parker.  He was a faucet for a good 18 months, so I hope she isn't that bad.  She likes to stick her tongue out and smile a lot (except when I want to take a picture!)  Based on my at home measurement she weighs 17.5 pounds, which would put her in the 87th percentile with over 2 pounds gained this month.

She is wearing mostly 6 month and 6-9 month clothing.  A few of the smaller 6 month things are getting snug, but we should get at least another month out of most of them.  She is still in size 2 diapers, but will move up to size 3 once we use up the current box.  We did start using overnight diapers, which has mostly stopped morning leaks.  She is still eating 7 ounces of formula every 3-4 hours.  She usually has her last bottle in the 7:00 pm hour, then goes down around 8.  Most night she will sleep until at least 6:30.  If she wakes sooner we give her a pacifier and she goes back to sleep.  She can be quite the babbler and likes to make noises when she is happy, which is often.  One of her cutest new habits is how she rubs her eye when she gets tired.  Jimmy likes to rub his eyes before bed, so I think it must be genetic.  She will keep on rubbing for a good 30+ seconds.  It is adorable!

Parker is as sweet as ever with her.  On Sunday he grabbed his pillow and a blanket and laid down next to her.  I think their relationship will only continue to improve as she gets older.

Esme and I started an ECFE class tonight at the same school Parker goes to.  We did ECFE for about 18 months when Parker was a baby and we still have close friends that we met there.  I am hoping to make some new friends with kids Esme's age.  There was 9 babies in the class; Mariel, Luna, Truman, Joanne, Danny, Samuel, Liam, and Cyrus.  The first night was a basic introduction of ourselves and our kiddos.  I am excited to share more about this stage and hopefully form some new friendships.
 I did her standard pictures this morning and tried a little shoot last night, but she didn't want to smile.  I will probably try to take some more photos this weekend.  Enjoy the rest of your week!

Monday, September 12, 2016


Yesterday was the kickoff of football season and the fall kickoff at church.  They went full on with a football theme that included Vikings ticket and Weber grill giveaways.  We played a mobile trivia game and I got second place and won the grill!  Jimmy was so excited and has wanted a charcoal grill for years!
 We watched the Vikes win while the kiddos napped, took an afternoon walk, then tried out the grill!
I grew up with a gas grill, we have a gas grill, and I have never done it another way.  I read the grill instructions, the charcoal instructions, the lighter fluid instructions and Google for guidance...
 Once I figured out that the bowl vents needed to be open (that tidbit was in the assembly instructions) the food started to actually cook!  Not perfect, but pretty good for the maiden voyage!  I am excited to try it again soon!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Bubba and Beer Date Night

Jimmy and I had a kidless date last night!  I still had a birthday reward for Landry's restaurants, so we went to Bubba Gump Shrimp at the Mall of America.  I always get Shrimper's Heaven and it was delicious as always.  Jimmy went the shrimp route as well in sandwich form!
We strolled around the mall a bit, which seemed strange without a stroller.  We found a voice chair to sit in and did some window shopping.
One of the newest mall attractions is the Crayola Experience.  We have several friends who have gone and loved it, but I don't think Parker is quite ready for it yet.  We decided that in about 3 years he might be ready and Esme will be able to enjoy it as well.  They have a retail store with a station to make your own coloring page.  We printed off a couple of us for Parker to scribble on.
After the mall we went to Insight Brewing.  I have been wanting to check it out since last year because I sold them some laser cut metal they put on the walls of their taproom.  They have one for each of the 5 signature beers as well as the main logo.  I put off a trip once I got pregnant because what's the point if you cant try the beer!

We got a flight of 6 samples.  We aren't really beer people, but all of them were ok, except for the Banshee Cutter, which neither of us cared for.  It was the only one we didn't finish.
They don't have a kitchen, but do have daily food trucks and allow you to bring your own food.  They also have a bunch of games you can play, so we grabbed Yahtzee.  Jimmy started out slow, but ended with TWO Yahtzees and smoked me!  We were home by 9 and both fell asleep while watching Kung Fu Panda 3!  What a crazy life we live!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

New School Year and Other Firsts

We finished the long weekend with our traditional Labor Day breakfast at Panera.
 We've been lucky enough to get some great hand-me-down clothes and I just couldn't resist dressing Esme up a bit on Monday afternoon.  I think she looks like a little hipster!
 Parker has been so loving with everyone in the family lately.  He even gave my mom a great big hug unprompted tonight!
 Wednesday was welcome day at preschool.  While not officially the first day of school, I decided to take pictures since he will be taking the bus from daycare on Monday.
We got to meet both of his teachers again, Ms. Amy and Ms. Heather.  We also got to meet the three paras and his speech teacher, Ms. Bobbie, who he had during his first half year.  As I have previously shared, he will be in a co-taught class with regular preschool students and special ed students.  He had a very hard time focusing during our short time there.  He can quickly sense when something is new and when multiple adults are giving him instruction.  He tries to push limits further during these times.  I think within the first few weeks of class he will get in to a routine and start listening better.
 Wednesday was a big day for Esme as well!  She got to see her first Apple keynote (Parker's was back in 2012) and took her first ride in the stroller like a big kid!
 She was so content for our whole walk.  Parker kept patting her on the head, which I thought was sweet.
 Another week (almost) in the books.  This weekend looks to be fun with a kidless date night, Parker starting gymnastics and the Vikings kicking off the season against the Titans.  Esme was in a football mood and donned a onesie that was Parker's today!