Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The Rest of March

Life is starting to get busier and more eventful with Covid in general decline and the weather warming up.  The check engine light came on in the Trax at the beginning of March.  Since we've only had it a couple months, we were a bit annoyed.  We had the code read at an auto store and it was a known issue with the turbocharger.  We brought it in to the dealer since it's under warranty and finally got it repaired.  They gave me a rental, so I got to have a Trailblazer for 9 hours.  I didn't even fill the gas since I only drove it home and back (shhh...don't tell them.)
I also got my first Pfizer covid vaccine last week.  I was really excited to see some appointments come available.  Both my mom and dad have received their first doses and Jimmy's parents are both fully vaccinated.
I received a very sweet note from Esme's teach with something she said.  This shows me she understands love and what it means to a certain degree.  She's the best.
Speaking of school, they finished out a month of fun Fridays with pajama day and school wide bingo.
As a lead up to spring break, I moved my desk to the basement.  I've officially been working remote for a year now and I think it will likely still be a few more months.  This will be a more quiet space when the kids come home after school and frees up our laundry/mud room again.  I also got a new gift from my dad.  He turned a segmented pencil holder for my desk.  He is looking forward to me going back to the office so it will get some more press.
Parker's latest loose tooth finally fell out over the weekend.  We've been waiting on this one for months.  Esme got to use a small electric leaf blower at my parents' house and loved it.  We may need to get one for home so she can help with yard work.
Our anniversary was a bit of an afterthought this year.  We were supposed to be in Mexico last year, but didn't have any plans to spoil this year.  We decided to have a gluttonous day with two rounds of take-out.  Our normal Mexican spot wasn't answering the phone, so we ordered from another.  It was all really bland, which was disappointing.  Dinner was much more successful.  We ordered our first pasta dish from our favorite local wing spot and Jimmy was in love.
Speaking of love, 139 days of waiting (and lamenting) for a PS5.  He finally got one today.  Luckily he was on vacation to get the twitter notification of a Target restock.  He was able to reserve one for in-store pick up and grabbed it later this morning.  I no longer have to hear about not having one, but that's already been replaced by other playstation related talk...
They've been watching a lot of movies during the day while I work.  Esme is starting to enjoy more variety.  Up is her current movie of choice, but she throws in some others too.  She also likes to grab the coordinating stuffed animal to watch with.
We won't have a traditional date night on Friday, so we ordered some asian takeout tonight.  We've been wanting to try Gion since we moved here and finally did it.  Jimmy still wants to eat in for pho when it feels safe to do so.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Journey to 100 Parks #37 - Lee Park - Robbinsdale, MN

The kids are back to asking about new parks almost every day, so we will start making quick progress.
Key Features:
This is a pretty small park next to a nice little league field that was redone by MLB and the Minnesota Twins in 2014.  It cooled down again after a super warm day yesterday, so we can't pack away the hats and gloves yet.
Both Parker and Esme were getting frustrated with this tunnel. It was steep like a slide which made it hard to climb up.
The steep, straight slides are my favorite.  Esme likes to go fast too.
6 swings for this run of the mill playground.  

Monday, March 29, 2021

Journey to 100 Parks #36 - Terra Linda Park - New Hope, MN

We have our church small group every other Monday, but couldn't pass up the first 70 degree day of the year.  It was really windy as well, but that doesn't matter when it's so warm.  This park is pretty close to home and we drive by it often.
Key Features:
Parker saw the two level spinner right away and ran to it.  I wasn't sure if he's be tall enough, but he could just barely reach the top. The sun shades would be nice for those really hot days.
Esme liked the ring tangle a lot.  I tried to show her the back and forth option, but she opted to climb under the bars on one side.
A pretty basic set up, but enough to have a good time.  7 slides for this one.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Journey to 100 Parks #35 - Seeman Park - Golden Valley, MN

Key Features:
This was another park with a lots of spinning things for Parker.  He spent most of our visit on the corkscrew spinner.  Esme really loved it as well.
Esme threw her coat off pretty quick.  It was pretty chilly out, but she rocked it.
8 swings since it kept both of the kids busy and entertained for a while

Friday, March 26, 2021

Journey to 100 Parks #34 - Twin Oaks Park - Crystal, MN

This park is pretty close to our old house, so we have been there several times in the past, but I don't remember if anything has changed since we were last there. Esme threw off her jacket when we first arrives, but quickly realized it was a bit chilly.
Key Features
One trip across the bridge and down the slide and she was ready for her coat.
Esme explored most of the structure, but Parker stayed at the seat spinner almost the whole time.
This steering wheel was also accompanied by a gear shifter.
This was the best seat spinner we've seen so far.  It was a bucket style, which keeps you locked in.  It was also super speedy and maintained for a while.
Not a stunner, but it gets an extra swing for the awesome seat spinner and past memories. 6 swings.