Sunday, September 30, 2012

10 Months

Just a quick update with pictures from today!  I take whatever I can get these days since he won't sit still!

Parker's SECOND date!

If you missed his first date, you can find the story HERE!  Our good friends were in town again last week so we made sure to schedule another playdate (for the adults and the kids!)  Parker and Ava are almost twice as old the last time we got together.  Neither was crawling yet and they didn't have much interest in one another.  This time around they payed pretty well with one another.  Parker just happens to be in a yelling stage and managed to scare Ava pretty good right off the bat!  Once she recovered they had a lot of fun.  Parker even showed Ava his favorite thing to do!
Watching the cars go by...

Hey dude, eyes up here!
It was sad to see them drive of again.  We are already counting the days till we can see each other again!

Delayed Update (BMX and Birthday Party!)

I can't believe how quickly the days seem to pass by these days.  I suppose I better get used to it!  We have been pretty busy the last several weeks and things won't quiet down for a while.  I don't know what it is about fall, but our calendar is always packed!  

A few weeks ago (actually before my last post) we went to watch my nephew Jayden at some local BMX races.  This is his rookie year, but I think he has already learned a lot and has a knack for it!  The races are divided by skill and age.  There were kids as young as 4 and on up to adults.  It was so much fun to watch! 
Parker is ready to watch his cousin race!

On the podium!
I think I have mentioned that our neighbors have a little boy that is just a couple months older than Parker.  His name is Rollie and he recently turned 1!  Parker and I went to his birthday party last weekend and it was so much fun!  There is another little boy a block over from our houses that is just a month younger than Parker, his name is Kasah (sorry if I spelled that wrong!)  It was cute to watch them all playing.
Kasah, Rollie and Parker
Happy Birthday Boy!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Day at the Zoo!

I have been hoping to get to the zoo all summer!  The weather this weekend was looking to be great, so I thought it would be the perfect chance to do it before the snow flies!  We have a couple zoos in the Twin Cities.  The Minnesota Zoo is the larger one, with lots of great indoor and outdoor exhibits.  You really have to make a day of it because it isn't the cheapest place to visit.  The Como Zoo is smaller, but it is FREE (small donation requested.)  They have less animals on display, but it is still a fun place to visit.  They also have a conservatory with lots of foliage and flowers.

We opted for the Como Zoo today!  My mom (Nana) came along.  Jimmy was working so he had to miss out.  Parker is still a little young to get really interested in the animals.  He spent a lot of time looking at grass and flowers and trying to lick the concrete and glass.  I am really excited to go back next year to see how his attention span has changed.
New friends 

Love from Nana

Saddle up

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

I finally got around to taking some 9 month pictures last weekend.  We went to my parents house because they have a bunch of trees and fun areas to take pictures.  Parker is getting so curious that it is nearly impossible to get pictures of him looking at the camera.  I was hoping to get more in another spot, but he spit up all over his outfit so we just went back inside.  I still got some fun shots and it's cute to watch him discover the world.

 We haven't done a lot of messy meals yet (Jimmy is dreading it!)  But, since he was already in need of a clothing change we let him go wild on my mom's famous cheesy potatoes!  He loved them!  He also tried some baked beans, but wasn't so sure about them.
With a quick bath and wardrobe change we were ready to watch the first Huskers game of the season.