Sunday, September 9, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

I finally got around to taking some 9 month pictures last weekend.  We went to my parents house because they have a bunch of trees and fun areas to take pictures.  Parker is getting so curious that it is nearly impossible to get pictures of him looking at the camera.  I was hoping to get more in another spot, but he spit up all over his outfit so we just went back inside.  I still got some fun shots and it's cute to watch him discover the world.

 We haven't done a lot of messy meals yet (Jimmy is dreading it!)  But, since he was already in need of a clothing change we let him go wild on my mom's famous cheesy potatoes!  He loved them!  He also tried some baked beans, but wasn't so sure about them.
With a quick bath and wardrobe change we were ready to watch the first Huskers game of the season.

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