Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Really, 2015?  I saw it in writing for the first time the other day and I almost laughed!  Not sure why...
looks so strange to me.  Maybe its the "5" since I was born in 1985.  That means I am going to be 30 this year!  It didn't freak me out when I turned 29, but the closer it gets the stranger it feels.  Especially when I overhear two 21 year olds complaining about how old they feel in line at Chipotle.  They were talking about how it is just counting down the decades after you turn 21...I guess I will have one down soon!  There are so many exciting (and a bit nerve-racking) things to come next year and many things that we have no clue about yet.

2014 was great in so many ways, but had it share of uncertainty as well.  I left my previous job at the end of May without another one lined up.  I had an amazingly fun 7 weeks at home with Parker this summer, then started a new job in July.  Just about 6 months in I am loving it.  I think I dreamed of things turning out this way when I left a difficult situation.  It has been a challenging (in a good way) position and I have already been promoted.  It is such a fun place to work.  This change has added some responsibility to Jimmy in regards to Parker's therapy, but he is being an amazing dad and husband with it all.  I am so thankful for Jimmy's faith in my choice.  Hopefully this is only a shadow of the things to come!

Maybe I don't have as many things to worry about as I thought!  How are you feeling about the new year?  Anything you are excited or nervous about?

P.S. This is post #300!  Whoa, can't believe I have stuck it out for that many!  Thanks for sticking around or tagging along!

My Favorite Christmas Present

I totally forgot to share this clip last week.  It is audio only and was by far my favorite Christmas present.  I am amazed at how much progress Parker has made this year and can't wait to see what the next one brings.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas #4: Christmas Day

We woke up early and started the day by finishing our Jesse Tree devotion.  Parker has really enjoyed his tree this year!
 Then we opened up the couple of presents we had at home.  One from his daycare provider and one from us.
 I think he is going to have a lot of fun with his Little People Preschool.
We headed to my parents house for a quick breakfast, then opened presents.  My nephews weren't here this year so it was a small (but fun) bunch!  Parker LOVED his Target shopping cart!  He spent the rest of the day running around in circles with it.
Jimmy peeking in to find a heated mattress pad!  It was a cozy night!
We just hung out for a couple hours until lunch was ready.  The picture below was too hilarious not to include.  I don't even know what Jimmy was laughing about, but this is a great picture!
It also starting snowing mid-morning so we got a white Christmas after all!
It was a small crowd for dinner, just us, Nana, Grandpa, Uncle Sean, Aunt Lindsay, and our family friend Paul!
We ended the night with a snowy dunk in the hot tub.  
It was a perfect way to spend the holiday.  I hope you had a very merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Holiday Market, Christmas #2, Work Party, and Christmas #3 was a busy holiday week!  My mom, Parker and I went to a holiday market on Sunday.  It is put on by the Linden Hills Farmer's Market and was awesome!  There were a ton of local food vendors and artisans.  We picked up some cheese spreads, jelly, and a beer bread mix for Jimmy!
We will definitely have to check this market out again in the summer!
Sunday night we headed to Jimmy's parents place to celebrate with his mom's side (#2).  We ate way too much (again) and had a blast catching up.  Parker's new infatuation is running water.  He has been climbing on to the cabinets to get a better view.
More fun with cousins!
Tuesday was a potluck and ugly sweater party at my work!  There was food for days!
Blake and I represented well for the sales team, but I was the ultimate champ!
Christmas #3 was Christmas Eve with Jimmy's immediate family.  We usually have my grandma over for breakfast that day, but the weather kept them at home this year.  It was a bummer not to celebrate with them, but we are glad they stayed safe.

After an awesome lunch we opened gifts.  Parker found it more entertaining to roll on the gifts than open them.
He did get very excited about his new sled!  It was the only thing he wanted to play with.
Well, that and the tissue paper...
Time for bed, "tomorrow" is Christmas!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas #1

The family Christmas gatherings have begun!  The first of 5 was tonight with Jimmy's dad's side.  We took a couple family selfies before heading out the door.
 Parker was a bit shy when we walked in, but warmed up quickly once he saw the toys.
 The food and fun were plentiful!  We switched things up a bit this year by doing a white elephant exchange.  We drew numbers for the order in which gifts were picked.  Then drew again for an option to trade!
We brought a stethoscope for one of our gifts and Jimmy's dad got it!  He is currently waiting for a new heart, so that was kinda funny!
 We also used all the swag bag leftovers from Parker's birthday for a kids one.  Wyatt loved that one!
 We headed home with some sweet glasses, mustaches and a one of those tricky puzzle things!
It was a great kickoff to our Christmas week!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Cookie Extravaganza 2014!

Byerly's had a ridiculous sale on baking supplies last week.  A whole bunch of holiday baking essentials were only $1!  I couldn't resist picking up my limit, so I was forced to do some baking.  Luckily, my mom was just as excited as I was.  Parker and I went over there today to get our cookie on!  
 We set out to make 8 (eek!) different recipes!

Laurie's Cookies (sugar cookie with cream cheese frosting)
Fear no dough!
I was most looking forward to the Gingerdoodles.  I have been eyeing up this recipe for a couple years.  They turned out amazing and will be made many more times!
Once a cookie thief, always a cookie thief!
And, 6ish hours later, we are finished.  Not sure the exact count, but I am guessing we made somewhere around 325 cookies!  I mad up a few plates for my parents to take to their work places, a plate for a neighbors, and a big tray for my work.  Whew, I was ready to sit down after that!
My mom sent most of the cookies home with me so I also put together a few gift boxes for Parker's teacher and therapists.
It was such a fun day, we may have to make this an annual tradition!  Are you doing any holiday baking this year?  What are your favorite recipes?