Friday, December 12, 2014

A Happy, Happy Week!

Sorry for being a blog slacker lately.  It has been nice to relax a bit since Parker's Birthday and before the holidays get crazy.  But, it has been an amazing week!  Parker has been doing more functional activities.  Last weekend he did a great job helping me (and Nana) with laundry!  Folding may take a bit longer to teach...
Then, a fellow YouTuber used Parker's most recent drumming video in a mash-up.  You haven't made it until someone remixes your work, so I guess that makes him the real deal!

Parker also had a great week with speech!  He said "bye" and waved appropriately the last 4 days!  My heart is just bursting with pride.  I hope to get it on video soon for you all to see.

Jimmy and I ended the week with a fun date night.  Jimmy's parents kept Parker while we got a quick bite at Five Guys and saw the latest Hunger Games movie.  I am glad we were able to squeeze in this movie while it was still at the theater!
How was your week?  Hopefully as happy as ours was!

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  1. Oh that's awesome! I'm so proud of Parker too! Great job to him, and mom & dad :)