Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Journey to 100 Parks #51 - Heritage Park - Plymouth, MN

This is a park we drive by a lot on our way to this part of Plymouth, but this is our first visit.  They will be replacing the structure this summer, so we will have to give it another try once complete.
Key Features
This one had a lot of unique features that I don't see in older parks.  It was definitely showing it's age in many places.
This one was full of spinning options for Parker.  3 total steering, sky wheels, spinners...
Esme's favorite was the spiral tube slide.  She went down it close to 15 times I think.  There were a couple other kids her age she was having fun playing with.  There was also a little girl there with her dad (I assume) and brother that kept coming up to me calling me "mommy."
Looking forward to visiting the new structure in the future, but this one still gets 8 swings for its large size and variety of equipment.

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