Sunday, April 4, 2021

Diet Root Beer Taste Test 2021

The next in our series of taste tests is Diet Root Beer.  This was the entertainment portion of my nephew's birthday celebration.
Here is some information and commentary on the varieties we tried in alphabetical order.  I had hoped to include one or two more well known brands, but was having trouble finding then in diet.

A & W - Founded by Roy W Allen in 1919 when he started selling the formula he purchased from a pharmacist at a roadside stand in Lodi, CA (just south of Sacramento).  The A & W was finalized when Frank Wright joined in 1922. It is now primarily owned and operated by the Keurig Dr Pepper Company and is the 2nd best selling brand globally. (Barq’s number 1)

Dad’s - Started by two Chicago area friends.  Their trademark registration was granted on Valentine’s day 1939. Monarch Beverages acquired the brand in the 80’s and it is now distributed by Hedinger Brands.

Dang - Another Milwaukee Original from Imperial Flavors Beverage Company that has been in business since the 60s.

Fiz - Brewed by College Club Beverages in Rochester, NY. The company will celebrate 100 years in business next year.

Frostie - Production began in 1939 by the Frostie Beverage Company.  After several mergers and acquisitions (including Monarch beverages that promoted Dad’s more heavily), They are now owned by Intrastate Distributors in Detroit, MI.

Sprecher - Opened in 1985 as the first craft brewery in Milwaukee since the prohibition era. All beers and sodas are made in a hand-built, gas-fired brew kettle which is why you’ll see “fire-brewed” on all of it’s products

Super Chill - Generic grocery brand owned by SuperValu and distributed in their stores like Cub Foods, Festival Foods, and County Market.  It was also available at Rainbow Foods until 2018 when, much to grandpa’s chagrin, all locations were closed.

Yacht Club - Yacht Club Beverages started bottling in 1915 with a goal of bringing quality products to Providence, RI and beyond

I didn't have any official palette cleansers this time around, so it was just the Root Beer.
And our final results were:
A & W - 39
Sprecher - 33
Frostie - 30
Super Chill - 29
Dad's - 28
Dang - 13
Fiz - 4
Yacht Club - 2

There weren't a ton of surprises other than how well Frostie did.  It is a Splenda sweetened drink which can be polarizing.  Jimmy especially does not care for it, but he ranked it equal with the winner A&W.  I guess there is a reason it's the second best seller globally.
What should be try next?

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