Monday, December 31, 2018

Playing in the Snow

We've officially played in the snow more times than last year, which I think was just once.  I got a little lazy with how little Esme was.  Jimmy was home with them on Thursday, after we got a few inches of accumulation.  It was drizzling by the time they got out, but it was a good time. Esme was a bit timid all bundled up. 
She was much more confident the second time around yesterday.  I grabbed the sleds and we pulled them around the yard, which they both enjoyed.  We have a slight slope at the back of our yard, so I pushed them both down as well.  Temps are going to get frigid soon, but we will have many more opportunities to play.

Friday, December 28, 2018

The Last of Christmas

The kids got their last Advent stocking gifts on Sunday.  Both received M & Ms and new pull back cars.  They have both been playing with them quite a bit, so I fashioned a little parking garage in our entertainment stand a few weeks ago.  Esme got a pink Lamborghini and Parker got a Beetle with a sweet solar system paint job.
Jimmy worked on Christmas Eve, but we were able to attend our church's 5:00 service followed by dinner at my parents.  Both kids have been getting to snack like crazy with all the gatherings we've been to.  Esme knows just where to get her snack fix at Grandpa and Nana's.
Jimmy got his present snooping in as well. Just wait til tomorrow!
I had a fun surprise for Jimmy when we got home that night.  My dad and brother delivered his gift when we were at church.  Please excuse my curt command at the beginning.  He was attending to Esme and I was getting impatient for him to see it.  He says he knew he was getting it, but I know it was unexpected.  We put the kids to bed and had it up and running in an hour.
The kids each had two presents to open on Christmas morning.  One from us and another from people close to us.  They did pretty good on their own and only needed minimal help.
Shortly after opening gifts at home we headed to my parents.  My mom set the table with adorable snowmen.  They didn't last to lunch, but they were cute.
Once my nephew got back from his mom's, we opened our Santa bags and presents. 
Esme did really well opening her presents and Parker was mostly cooperative.  The biggest hits were gifts sent from Great-Grandma Bette in Nebraska.  A hula hoop for Parker and PAW Patrol Mission Cruiser. More clothes, books, and legos as well.
Jayden got a much needed computer upgrade which is great for school and gaming.
My parents have said for years they don't need gifts, but I've been itching to upgrade my mom's cookware for a while.  I realized within the last couple years that ours has lasted so long because it was higher quality and more expensive.  My brother went in with us and she should be set for a while now.  I got my dad a bit of a gag gift, fried chicken lounge pants.  He says he's going to wear them, but we'll see...
I think Jimmy's favorite present was an NES Classic.  It has 30 original NES games on one small console.  It is easy to save progress, which couldn't always be done when it first came out.
It was a low-key, relaxed Christmas with family, just the way I like it.  Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2018

Double Christmas

We had two Christmas gatherings on Saturday.  The first was with Jimmy's immediate family.  Unfortunately, he was working and didn't get to attend.  We had brisket and ham (pizza for the kids) for lunch, followed by presents.

 Both kids got some much needed clothing and Esme got a Little People Friend Ship, which is like a cruise ship.  This will be a great toy leading up to our vacation this spring.
 It's been a whole since we got a picture of all 6 of the Herrmann grandkids.  Maybe because this is the best we can do...
Izzy, Paul, Parker, Grace, Esme, Emma
 The second gathering was immediately after the first.  We ran home to pick up Jimmy and headed to his aunt and uncle's for the extended family gathering.  Over 30 of us got together for some great food and fun.  I came home with a Bob Ross Chia Pet from the gift exchange.  There will (hopefully) be a post in January about his progress.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Christmas Kick-off 2018

This year's Christmas kick-off was at work.  Secret Santa started last week.  I got some great snacks, a baking tray with cover and a Lip Smackers variety pack.  Those were a throw back to my childhood, but will also be great for getting the kids to use lip balm.
Friday was our annual potluck.  Instead of ugly sweater, the theme this year was festive wear.  I made a shirt and wore my tree skirt skirt.  I had to replace the lights last minute, but it worked!  Marnie was voted the most festive and took over the Barbie trophy.
 The potluck had been split between the office and the warehouse in previous years, but was combined this year.  We had 20 crock pots, a roaster, and a chocolate fountain.  Some electrical finagling was needed, but we got it going.
 There were so many choices.  I made three trips throughout the day and was so full!
 I had some fun with my Secret Santa.  She listed "patience" as something she always needs more of, so I made her wait.  I gave her a small bag of candy the first day of it, then she didn't get the rest until Christmas Eve, when her sister delivered it.  She said it was definitely worth the wait.
Only four more gatherings to go...