Monday, September 27, 2021

Bonus Date Night

We got a bit of a bonus date night on Friday.  We attended our final Twins game of the season.  It was fan appreciation weekend, so we got the requisite stocking cap.  I think we've got 4 or 5 different ones now.
The Twins have been long out of the hunt for anything, but it was still a fun cap off for the season.
Parker and Esme spent the night and next day at Grandpa and Nana's while we were both working.
There were a few rows of corn left in the neighbors field, so they helped pick it off the stalks.  The will let it finish drying out for a few weeks and then remove all the kernels with some sort of machine. Stay tuned for updates.

Monday, September 20, 2021

A Baby Shower and a Birthday

My friend, Dani, from high school was home from the west coast this weekend for a baby shower.  It was so fun to catch up with friends I haven't seen in almost two years thanks to Covid and cross-country moves.
I also got to breakout some crafting to make her some adorable burp clothes.  It's been a long time since a friend has had a first baby, so this was a treat.
The social outings continued Sunday with a birthday party for one of Esme's pre-school friends that also lives nearby.  It took place at #24, East Medicine Lake Park.  Miles' parents know how to throw a theme party.  Everything was Lego!
Snack fuel for playing.
Esme didn't have the confidence to climb all the way to the top last time, but she did this day.  She loved being able to go down the giant slide.
She didn't quite understand the piƱata concept, but had fun watching the others.

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Beyond 100 Parks Redux #1 - Yunkers Park - Crystal, MN

Our very first park was remodeled at the beginning of the summer, so we decided to give it another shot.  I hear it's going to be renamed "Winnetka Hills Park", but the old sign is still up.
Key Features
We used this as an opportunity to take our first longer bike ride as a whole family.
Any time you get a new structure, it's likely to be a huge improvement and that was definitely the case here. We don't see new features much anymore, but this wavy bridge was cool! Crocs aren't the ideal footwear, but Esme made it work.
I like these hidden token games more than Esme or Parker do, but I still make her participate.
Parker loved the topsy turny spinner and saucer swing.  There was a cute little toddler that was following them around and trying to do all the big kid things.

An improvement from 5 swings to 9!  This is a great park and we will definitely be back!

Friday, September 17, 2021

Beyond 100 Parks #102 - Camelot Park - Plymouth, MN

Family date night at the park.  We picked up some McDonald's for the kids and Jet's Pizza for the adults.
Key Features
I have come to really like the parks with the 360 degree play structures.
8 swings for this one, could have benefited from some spinning things.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Parker's Sedated Dental Visit

I mentioned that Parker would get scheduled for a sedated dental visit at his last regular check-up.  Just a couple days before his next one I got the call that an appointment was finally available.  It was considered surgery since he would be fully sedated with the possibility of having major work done.  Check in was 11:15am, which meant he could have any solid foods after 3:15am.  We made the call to wake him up and give him breakfast at 3:00 so he wouldn't be starving.  Jimmy got to do that part and it went really well. He went right back to bed after eating.  Jimmy had the day off and was able to come along with us which I appreciated.
Parker was very antsy during our 90 minute wait.  I am sure it was a combination of missing meds and a new place to explore.
Things were quite a bit different than  his sedated MRI due to COVID.  One of us was allowed to go back while they put him under.  It was probably good that Jimmy went since they had to hold him down pretty good. I would have been bawling.
Jimmy and I grabbed a quick lunch, then he had to leave to pick Esme up at school.  His procedure was pretty speedy because he did have any cavities or need any other work!  They got x-rays and cleaned up all the calcification on his teeth.  There were some new spaces that were filled in before.  He recently lost an upper tooth and they confirmed that the adult tooth is close to coming in.  We were able to be with him as he woke up previously, but not this time.  He finally rolled back in the first room 2 hours after he went in.  He was pretty woozy still, but drank his juice like a champ.
We were rolling out to the car about 25 minutes later.  He could also resume normal eating since he didn't have any work done.  There was potential for nausea with the anesthesia, but he didn't have an issue.
Here is a before and after photo. Looking good!