Thursday, February 21, 2019

New Beds for the Kids

We've been thinking about moving Esme out of her crib for a while now that she is approaching 3.  I went bed shopping last weekend to see if anything caught my eye.  I found one I really liked for Parker.  I wasn't planning to get him one, but he's just has a mattress and foundation for a while, so a proper bed seemed fitting.  I fond a sleigh bed fore Esme as well, but they were down to just the floor model and it was pretty beat up.  I went home and researched some sleigh bed options and found one from Ashley Furniture.  

I took Esme's crib down on Sunday before church, then moved Parker's bed in to her room since we wouldn't have hers until Tuesday.  I wanted her first try to be a nap instead of full blown bedtime.
She did so well!  She played with her stuffed animals for a bit, then laid down and fell asleep.  She didn't even think about getting out.
My parent's helped to pick up Parker's bed Sunday afternoon.  We got it assembled, then picked up a new mattress at Menards.  Both of them were excited for the new bed!
Esme rocked her first bedtime in a big bed too!  She hasn't gotten out once yet, but it's only been a few nights.
Her furniture arrive Tuesday, but I didn't have time to assemble it.  Parker had a snow day on Wednesday, so I took the opportunity to to assemble it and rearrange her room a little.
Esme was in awe of her new set up when she first saw it.  She keeps saying "new bed, new bed."
Hopefully these new, real beds can carry our kids in to their teenage years.

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