Monday, February 11, 2019

PAW Patrol Live

My brother, Sean, got Esme and myself tickets to see PAW Patrol Live for Christmas.  I has been looking at it, but hadn't pulled the trigger.  I was so excited!  Saturday came and the frigid weather was back.  Luckily it wasn't windy, so we bundled up at headed out.  I wasn't sure what the wait would be like before hand, so we arrived about 45 minutes early.
There was almost no one there yet, so we unbundled and explored for a while.
Esme loved carrying around her Skye and Everest plushes and checking things out.
She pretended to get some rest before the show started.
As soon as the theme song started, her eyes were locked on the stage.
She stayed engaged for about half the show, which is about what I expected.  She wished all of them goodbye when it was over and passed out in the car on the way home, SUCCESS!
Thanks for the fun girls day Uncle Sean!

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