Saturday, February 2, 2019

Frigid Cold

Whew, it's been one heck of a week.  We experienced the "polar vortex" in 2014, but this week trumped that and gave us the coldest weather in decades.  It started with about 5" of snow Sunday into Monday, then air temperatures as low at -30 and wind chills near -50.  School was closed for snow Monday and cold Tuesday through Thursday.  At least for cold days, they have adventure club open and available for Parker.   I was extra bundled on my way in to work.
 Wednesday was the coldest morning.  It was Jimmy's idea to take this picture in his shorts and flip flops!  It actually dropped a couple more degrees before the sun was fully up.
 The temps didn't deter this guy from biking to work as usual.  I can't even imagine the layers he had on.
We have an outdoor fulfillment center at work that was completely shut down on Wednesday.  Over half our staff was sent home early and we rolled with a skeleton crew.  Lot of cars wouldn't start and pipes were freezing in some homes.  We didn't have any major hiccups and are hopeful the coldest days are behind us.

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