Monday, October 28, 2019

Halloween: Part 2

Trunk or Treat 2019 was a huge success for our church, Cornerstone Church of Crystal.  Almost 800 people total came, it was crazy!  I didn't get any pictures of the action with how busy we were, but here are some of the trunks.  Our trunk is at the end.
Our finished Cornerstone Laundromat!  We had kids throw balled up socks in to each door.  The doors are hinged and can open to create a larger target.  Everyone loved it!

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Halloween: Part 1

One of Parker's main interest as of late is washing machines and the laundry in general, so I ran with that theme.  I started work last week on our props for Trunk or Treat at church, which will look like a washer and dryer.
For our costumes, I used a cardboard box and felt to make Parker a washing machine.  I also added blinking lights for the control panel.  Esme was a Tide pod that I made with felt, then covered it with a thin plastic drop cloth and sealed the edges with a flat iron.
I rounded out our crew as the Sock Monster (shout out to my co-worker, Angie, for the socks!)
We started Saturday with a trip to the Corcoran Lions Park for their Trunk or Treat event.  We got so many great compliments on our costumes and some fun treats.
There was also a bounce house that both kids enjoyed until a big kid in a full gorilla suit showed up.  More than one kid was a little frightened.
We grabbed some popcorn for the road and Esme snoozed on the way home.
Here is some Halloween fun from my work.  What are your BEST and WORST Halloween candies?

Monday, October 21, 2019

Date Night and Fall Fun at the Corn Pit

I was randomly in the area of Jimmy's childhood home the other night, so I drove by and saw it was undergoing a major remodel, including a second story.  For family date night, I took Jimmy to see it.  We let the kids play at the park he used to frequent (although it's changed quite a bit) then headed to Perkins for dinner.
We rarely go out to eat with the kids these days with so many variables to deal with.  They did relatively well, but we were definitely ready to leave.
Saturday morning we made our annual trip to Dehn's Pumpkins to play in the corn pit and on the inflatables.
Esme could navigate the pit and all of its features all by herself this year.
Parker really enjoyed jumping in to the corn.  He even jumped from the top of the slide hay stack.
 Off to the inflatables!
 It seems like they have been adding new features every year.  This year had a snack shack and pedal tractors, so we finished our visit with some mini donuts!
 Neither kid wanted to leave, which means it was a successful trip!