Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Walker Wedding Weekend

The long awaited wedding weekend for our friends and Pastor, Jamarcus and Pauli, finally arrived.  We were included in the traditional African celebration on Friday night.  It was such a fun time experiencing a new culture.  Pauli's family is Liberian and we got to be a part of the celebration and try some new foods.
The next day was the black tie wedding extravaganza.  I impressed myself by doing my hair with a cute clip. My little tiny front curls even stayed that way most of the day!
After the ceremony we enjoyed some passed appetizers before the reception started.  This event was a good excuse to get Jimmy a suit that fits well.  My dress was found at a thrift store for $30 and just need some light tailoring.
It was so fun to get all dressed up with so many friends from church.
This was probably the biggest wedding we'll ever go to and it took up the largest room at the Heritage Center of Brooklyn Center.
I took this picture from the share site, but here is the happy couple!
Our table filled with church friends.
We had chicken mashed potatoes and green beans along with a trio of desserts.
Grabbed a snap with Jam.
Then the dance started with all the married couples.
Gordy and Judy "won" with being married 64 years!
Then the party really started with tons of fun group dances, conga lines, and more.  I even ended up in the front of one of the dances right next to Jamarcus.
My friend, Kristi, was halping things run smoothly so we didn't get to hang out as uch as I hoped, but she did an incredible job.
Thanks for an incredible weekend. Congrats Jamarcus and Pauli Walker!

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Mid-May Mixer

We visited my parents on Saturday and got to see Jameson and Jaxxon.
They are becoming pretty good helpers to Grandpa.  This next picture is the embodiment of summer.  taking a break from the pool to ride a bike!
My friend, Dani, was home from Oregon so we met up for dinner one night.
While we aren't typically basketball fans, the Wolves have been making a run so I made myself and Jimmy some shirts.
We had an end of year celebration at church with chalk, bubbles, shaved ice and more.
They held a Bible Bee to recite verses they learned this year.  I even made Tony a Bible Man cape!
Esme looked so grown up and sporty for her field day at school.  Not sure who taught her this pose.
Big things are moving and shaking in our garage.  We got rid of some pallet racking which will help open the space to be more usable as I start finishing doors and trim to replace our dingy painted ones on our main level.  Gonna be a long project, but it will look great once done.

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Matilda Jr at Stages and Mother's Day

Parker has been doing a lot of "crafts" lately.  He has been making cards with letters and words on them. They seem to give him comfort during times of anxiety.  He made these "hot" and "cold" ones this week and turned the water to corresponding temperature.
Since Esme will be performing in Matilda Jr soon, we decided to check out the pros at Stages Theatre in Hopkins this week.
We grabbed a pre-show snack the the grocery store across the street.
Esme loved it and loved singing along with all the songs.
We had a month long membership to Playground Plaza and took great advantage of it with the rainy weather we've been having.  We even had a couple visits where we were all alone.  Esme preferred to have someone else to play with.  She did get to try out an old school arcade version of Mario Brothers.  There was a decent learning curve on the controls, but she started getting the hang of it.
We moved around some things on our counter recently and I was looking for a better way to organize our electronic assistants.  I drew up this little diagram for my dad and he delivered a beautiful and functional stand to stack them on the tiny counter next to our range.
We will be starting another major house project soon so there will be many trips to Parker's favorite store, Menards.  The kids have been spending lots of time in the pool, not missing a day yet!
It finally creeped up to 70 degrees on Mother's Day, so I joined them for a swim.
Jimmy grilled some corn and steak for me along with some brownies for dessert.  It was the perfect low key day.