Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Memorial Day Weekend

The 5 months between holiday weekends in the spring seems to drag on forever sometimes, but it was finally here!  Esme started us off by losing another tooth.  She's got two blanks and two more loose ones!  We spent plenty of time in the weekend which had slowly warmed to about 70 degrees.
I participated in Nerf Wars with church youth Saturday afternoon.  We had so much fun and Chick-Fil-A for lunch.  I didn't realize how hard core some people are about Nerf.
I finally convinced Jimmy to get in for a little bit, but it's still too cold for him.  The kids and I don't mind at all!
My parents and Jayden came over for supper Sunday night.  I thought I got us all in the picture, but missed Parker and my mom.
We made an audible Monday morning and decided to go see a movie.  It was one my dad wanted to see too, so he tagged along while the kids hung out with Nana.
We closed out Monday with another swim.  Parker decided to try out my goggles and quickly took to them.  He loves playing with his diving sticks and going under water.  I may need to get him a mask that covers his nose so he doesn't have to plug his nose every time. 
What a great kick off to summer!

Saturday, May 28, 2022

We Bought a Pool

Initial pool prep started a couple weeks go by moving our swing set to a new spot.  
The I moved as much mulch as I could from where the swing set used to be.  I am guessing most of it will get reused somewhere.  The wood stakes show the approximate size of the pool.
My brother delivered some dirt about a week and a half ago.  He then cam over last weekend with my parents to level a pad for the pool to be installed on.  He brought his skidloader and golf cart which made an all day wheelbarrow project only 2 hours.
Nana and Kelsey watched the babies while we moved dirt.
Esme loved helping uncle Sean.  He's got a great eye for leveling things and was a huge help.
We packed it all down and let it dry for a day.
I wasn't sure when we'd get it put up, but Jimmy decided he was up for it on Sunday.
It was a pretty quick set up, then Esme helped me assemble the ladder.
I started filling it Monday morning guessing it would take about 18 hours total to fill.  The water was a brisk 52 degrees coming out of the hose.
We resumed filling Tuesday and it took 20 hours in total.  I was able to get the filter going and add our first round of chlorine.
We ran the pump for a couple days then took a water sample in for testing at the local pool store.  They gave me a great baseline to start when trying to balance the chemicals.
Parker was chomping at the bit to get in the pool.  By Friday, it was only up to 58 degrees, but we took a dip anyway. Brrr....
It's got some warming up to do, but I am excited for the summer!

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Baseball 101

Esme started her beginner baseball class on Tuesday.  We did some fielding drills to starts out with ground balls and short throws.
Parker cam along too and had fun trying to throw his fidget spinner in the tree.  He succeeded and then tried to get it down with a big stick.
The last part of the class, the coach hit the balls to the fielders and others ran around the bases. Then they switched sides.
She really enjoyed the first week and is looking forward to more.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Last week of Soccer and Lunar Eclipse

Esme had her last week of soccer on Sunday and it was finally nice enough to play outside.  They did a few drills on their own and then some with parents as well.  They did a quick scrimmage at the end and Esme scored a goal!
She had a great time playing with Lucy and they got to be on the same team this week.
We also had a full lunar eclipse that same time and I was able to capture some cool pictures of it just before it was full and once full as well.