Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Spring Break Projects and 14 years of Marriage

Spring break is upon us!  We both had the whole week off and didn't have much planned.  We decided to spend a couple days working on house projects and celebrating our anniversary.  I received a free closet organizer last year on Facebook and finally got around to installing it.  We've had a pretty run of the mill closet situation since moving in here.  I switched the bifold doors for curtains a few week ago after one of the doors broke beyond my repair skills.  I've been enjoying that change a lot.  There were some storage cubes on the top shelf that I took down before the picture, but still a lot of wasted space up above.  We kept the built in shelves on the right side, but took out everything else.  We gained some rod space and now have baskets for the items that used to be in the cheap drawers on the floor.  I love that's it's adjustable so we can make changes in the future if needed.  We no longer have full lengths hanging space, but I just moved those items to Esme's closet since they aren't high use.  I think this will be a huge improvement.
Esme had a great first day at adventure club, as shown by this evening nap picture.
Tuesday was our 14th wedding anniversary.  We kept it pretty low key with a trip around Dick's Sporting Goods at Ridgedale before lunch at Cheesecake Factory.
Pineapple Cherry Limeade, fruity drinks for the win!
I got the Louisiana Chicken Pasta and Jimmy got Korean Fried Chicken.
We did a quick target shop and checked off our baseball opening week movie, Fever Pitch.
We finished the night with donuts at Dunkin before opening up our surprise cheesecake.
Jimmy was so happy to see the new mango key lime variety.
Happy Anniversary babe, can't believe you've made it 14 years with my silliness. 

Monday, March 27, 2023

Jaxxon and Jameson: Wild Ones

Can you believe my teeny tiny baby nephews are 1 already?!?!  We celebrated on Saturday at a Wild Ones party.
I gave myself a matching manicure and Esme drew a custom birthday card.  Here she is drawing a giraffe.
I made cupcakes and smash cakes for the boys along with custom cake toppers.

They had hot dogs, pulled pork, and mac n' cheese.  I made my own little monstrosity of a sandwich.
All things considered they didn't get too messy.
Proud Grandpa and Nana.
It's been an honor watching you two grow and learn this year, can't wait see what the next one brings!

Friday, March 24, 2023

All About Parker

Menards has been our go-to time wasting outing, but Jimmy found a new one this week, Dick's Sporting Goods.  Parker found a ton of things to keep him busy.  I'd also like some of these baseball glove chairs if anyone has $6000 to spare.
Thursday was likely the last official event we will get to attend with parker in elementary school.  He had moonlight bowling with is DAPE (developmentally adapted physical education.). They worked in pairs, one as the bowler and one as the reset robot.

It was the first time I've seen most of his classmates in person in 3 years, so it was fun to see how they've all grown.  Many of them will be joining him in middle school next year.
Mrs. C has been his teacher since Kindergarten.  She is so kind and loving.  We will miss her and all the other great staff at his school.

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Pi Day, Concert, and Frozen Jr.

We made a quick game time decision and picked up a pie at Aldi to celebrate Pi(e) Day, 3-14.  It was just ok, but $6 is $6.
Parker had his last elementary school program on Thursday.  This was his first one since February 2020.  It was a combination with band and choir.  He didn't sing much, but did a pretty good job standing and sitting in his spot.
Saturday morning we got out to Grandpa and Nana's for a dip in the hot tub.
In the afternoon, Esme and I saw our friend, Ryelle, in a production of Frozen Jr.  Complete with intermission snacks this time!  We also did some matching late St. Patty's Day manicures.
I'm nearly 6 weeks behind on posts with how busy April was.  Hoping to get caught up soon!

Thursday, March 16, 2023


Parker has a fun afternoon watching our neighbor's tree come down.  It's been in rough shape for a few years due to emerald ash borer, so I was happy to see professionals handling it.
They made pretty quick work of it.  Parker loved watching them climb up and drive machinery back and forth.

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Mid-March Round-Up

Parker had his last elementary school dance on Friday.  Esme wanted to stay home, but I was excited to take him.  We danced for a bit and got some snacks.
Esme finally picked a theme for her birthday party.  After talking about Bluey (again), Rapunzel, Peppa, Number Blocks, and more, she settled on Library.
Her favorite books right now are "The Pigeon" series, so we will do something with that.
We took a little mom and daughter date to Dairy Queen on Sunday.
Lastly, a video I submitted was included at the end of my favorite YouTube show.  I've seen Rhett and Link live in 2017 and 2019.  You can see me at 18:45 mark.  I filmed this on our trip to LA in August.