Friday, March 24, 2023

All About Parker

Menards has been our go-to time wasting outing, but Jimmy found a new one this week, Dick's Sporting Goods.  Parker found a ton of things to keep him busy.  I'd also like some of these baseball glove chairs if anyone has $6000 to spare.
Thursday was likely the last official event we will get to attend with parker in elementary school.  He had moonlight bowling with is DAPE (developmentally adapted physical education.). They worked in pairs, one as the bowler and one as the reset robot.

It was the first time I've seen most of his classmates in person in 3 years, so it was fun to see how they've all grown.  Many of them will be joining him in middle school next year.
Mrs. C has been his teacher since Kindergarten.  She is so kind and loving.  We will miss her and all the other great staff at his school.

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