Sunday, March 19, 2023

Pi Day, Concert, and Frozen Jr.

We made a quick game time decision and picked up a pie at Aldi to celebrate Pi(e) Day, 3-14.  It was just ok, but $6 is $6.
Parker had his last elementary school program on Thursday.  This was his first one since February 2020.  It was a combination with band and choir.  He didn't sing much, but did a pretty good job standing and sitting in his spot.
Saturday morning we got out to Grandpa and Nana's for a dip in the hot tub.
In the afternoon, Esme and I saw our friend, Ryelle, in a production of Frozen Jr.  Complete with intermission snacks this time!  We also did some matching late St. Patty's Day manicures.
I'm nearly 6 weeks behind on posts with how busy April was.  Hoping to get caught up soon!

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