Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In the Swing of Summer

As a kid I was always told that time just keeps going by faster the older you get...Boy is that true!  I can't believe it's (almost) summer already!  The days of bundling up for the cold seem like last week!  While I like being able to spend time outside, I am not a fan of sweltering heat.  70 and sunny is my idea of perfection in the summer.  We have been taking advantage of the weather with lots of fun outdoor activities over the past couple weeks.  We have gone on lots of walks, which Parker loves.  There is so many things for him to look at.  He also likes to doze off during them. 

We had out first pool party with Jimmy's family.  Parker loved playing with his cousins in the pool.  It go a bit rowdy at times, but he held his own!

Emma is a WATERBUG!
Paul is 2 and so adorable in this one, I just had to share.
He and Parker are going to be trouble makers together some day!
We also went to our 3rd Twins game of the year.  It was our first night game so we weren't sure how Parker would do, but he was a champ (like always!) We brought some silicon ear plugs in hopes that we wouldn't ruin his sleep schedule, but he only napped for about 40 minutes.  I guess he didn't want to miss the action!
Eating has been going really well too!  So far, he has liked (or come around) to all the foods we have tried.  The bananas didn't seem to sit well afterwards so we may skip those for a bit.  He is eating anywhere between 3 and 5 oz at each meal.  I am hoping this will help him put on some weight!
We also had a couple more (non-traditional, but important) firsts!
First Apple Keynote:
Parker is most excited about the retina display Macbook
Pro, but he's holding out until it comes to the Air!
First bloody nose!  It may have just been a bad scratch, but
it makes for a good picture!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Recent Firsts

It seems we have had a lot of first in the last week, some more significant that others.  Just thought it would be fun to share a few of them!

May 27th - First time in a swing, he LOVED it!
May 28th - First elevated temperature.  Not quite a fever, but you could tell he was fighting something!
Sleeping it off
May 28th - First fruit. Cantaloupe on a mesh teether, so he didn't REALLY eat any.
June 3rd - First vegetable.  Pea puree, he wasn't huge on it.

June 3rd - First haircut.  Given by mommy, it was getting a bit uneven and needed a good trim.  He started out curious and ended scared so we had to stop with what we did.  Still a little uneven, but much better!

A few more 6 month pictures!