Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Bob Ross Chia Pet

Remember that Bob Ross Chis Pet I got at Jimmy's family Christmas?  Here is the full story as shared on Facebook along with some of the best comments.

Day 0: Bob was soaked, seeded and left to dry.
Kristen Angeline Oh my gosh excellent.
 Day 1 and 2: Bob is drying and gets to be filled with water!
 Day 3: Bob is gooey after sitting under a plastic bag.  

David Schottenbauer You have to get more seeds for the beard!
Day 4: He's lost some seeds in the back.  You can see some very tiny growth if you look closely.

Kristen Angeline sorry Bob
 Day 5: Bob is Sprouting!

Chelsey Pais Lesa Herrmann they look like worms.

Annie Stroh Poor guy looks like he's got lice!
Day 7: It's hard to keep the upper part of Bob's head moist, so we may see some male pattern baldness.  There is also some weird mold like stuff growing, not sure what that is.

Kristen Angeline i wonder why, maybe an old batch of seeds??

Nathan Mitchell Happy little mold

Erin Komarec Lesa Herrmann According to google: “Watch out for mold and mildew. White fuzz is normal when Chia seeds first sprout. However, misting the seeds with water will help to reduce the fuzzy appearance, so make sure to do this daily. This fuzz is simply the root hairs, and they will disappear after the first week.”
 Day 8: Good growth today Bob!

Mikaela Boone This is the best thing ever!!
 Day 11: Decent back and side growth  I will have to research how to get the top to grow.

Cindy Miller Buxton His head is starting to look like such a happy tree.
 Day 15: Final update.  He never could get the top to grow and the bottom is getting heavy and pulling away.  Time for a haircut.  I plan to do more research so it turns out better next time!

Katie 'Kruck' Olson I’m really glad you did this- I’ve always wondered

Cindy Miller Buxton Don’t cut it, just do a comb over!

Rachel Mitchell By far one of the coolest Herrmann family Christmas gifts! Who gifted that, anyways??

Daisy Simpson I never realized that chia pets didn’t grow in soil. Just seeds up against the porcelain? Interesting.

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