Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Vikings Opponent-Themed Dishes: Part 2

Well, the season didn't end as expected.  We all had high hopes for the team we put together this year, but it wasn't meant to be.  Hopefully we can regroup and make another go for Miami in 2020.  I really enjoyed our culinary adventure this year and was able to see it through all 17 weeks.  Here is the breakdown of the last half of the season.

Week 9 vs Detroit
Detroit Style Pizza has a thick crust that gains its signature crust from being baked in an oiled square pan.
Result: Vikings 24 - Lions 9
 Week 10 Bye Week
Tater Tot Hot Dish is a Minnesota staple.  I added green peppers and onions for some extra flair.
 Week 11 at Chicago
Chicago Dogs have been "dragged through the garden" and likely originated from "depression sandwiches" in the 1920s.
Result: Vikings 20 - Bears 25
Week 12 vs Green Bay
Beer Battered Cheese Curds, it's beer and cheese, enough said.
Result: Vikings 24 - Packers 17
 Week 13 at New England
(Imitation) Lobster Rolls originated on Connecticut in 1929 as a hot dish, but gained more popularity in the 70s.
Result: Vikings 10 - Patriots 24
 Week 14 at Seattle
Chicken Teriyaki, consisting of a glaze of soy sauce, sugar, and a variety of other possibilities.  It has been a cult favorite in Seattle since the 90s.
Result: Vikings 7 - Seahawks 21
Week 15 vs Miami
Cuban Sandwiches, likely dating back to the 1800s, travel between Florida and Cuba was easy and undocumented.  Cuban exiles and expatriates later brought it to Miami.
Result: Vikings 41 - Dolphins 17
 Week 16 at Detroit
Coney dogs have muliple origin stories from the early 1900s, but those from Detroit seem to be the most passionate.
Result: Vikings 27 - Lions 9
 Week 17 vs Chicago
Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza has a signature high edge crust stuffed with cheese, tomato sauce and toppings of choice.
Result: Vikings 10 - Bears 24 (playoff dreams crushed)
With a loss to the Bears, the Vikings season ended.  It was a weird season for a lot of reasons, but I hope we can rebound next year.  I've got 8 months to pick out a new #footballfood theme!


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