Monday, January 14, 2019

An $850 flat tire (and other fun...)

I went in to work early on Saturday to get some stuff done before we opened.  About and hour later a co-work mentioned I had a flat tire.  Just when I finally got my bumper taken care of, something else happens.  I tried filling it to see if it was a slow leak, but I immediately heard it escaping.  Taz and Zach helped put my spare on before I headed to Discount Tire to get it fixed.  I didn't even notice at the time that inside of the tire was bald, so they couldn't fix it.  Two new tires and $350 later they advised that it was likely an alignment issued and referred me to someone.  I decided to take it to our normal Midas and I glad I did.  Turned out it was some kind of rod or something was out and that was cause the wear on the tires.  Another $500 to fix that and get the front aligned.  It's an old car, so stuff like this is bound to start happening.  I still hope to get a few more years out of it.
 Just a couple other tidbits from the last week.  Esme got the cutest Leapfrog tea pot from her daycare gift exchange.  She carries it all over the house and loves to offer all of us a beverage.
 Parker helped grandpa with laundry when we were over on Friday.  He loves laundry at home too!

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