Thursday, November 3, 2011

I forgot about ME growing!

This blog is called "Growing and Sewing Lesa," but I haven't shared any of my growing!  Just a quick post with pictures from the last 5 months!  I am currently 35 weeks along and will not be going past due because of my gestational diabetes.  This means less than 5 weeks and our little guy will be here!  Looking back at these pictures makes me realize how quickly the time as gone.  I have truly loved being pregnant, but can't wait to meet my son.

13 weeks, pretty much just my pudge!

19 weeks

28 weeks
35 weeks, ONLY 5 to go!

32 week ultrasound

34 week ultrasound

Stockings: A Tutorial

The first year Jimmy and I were married I decided to make up stockings.  This became "our" first holiday tradition.  Each year I add a new patch to each of our stockings so the tradition continues to evolve.  This year I offered to make some for a few family members, plus I needed to make one for our new addition that should be arriving soon!

Materials Needed:

   - Stocking template,  I traced one from a store on paper
   - Felt in color of choice - 1/3 yard will make 1 stocking
   - White Felt for heel and toe caps and cuff (you can use another color too)
   - Embroidery Floss to match felt
   - Scissors
   - Marker
   - Thread
   - Sewing machine

Step 1: Trace template onto felt.  The template I use is the sewn size so I stitched along this marker line.  Pin two layers together and trim around the edges.

Step 2: Cut out white pieces for the heel and toe caps.  I made a template for them free hand.  Pin between the stocking layers making sure to line up the edges so all three layers will be sewn together.  

Step 3: Cut rectangular pieces for the cuff and sew to each side of the stocking.  It isn't essential to have these sized perfectly as they can easily be trimmed to suit your preferences.

Step 4: Flip up the cuffs so they are sticking above the stocking.  Sew around the perimeter of the stocking starting under the cuff on one side and ending on the other side.  DO NOT SEW THE CUFF SIDES YET!

Step 5: Turn the stocking right side out being careful the turn the toe and heel caps to the correct side.  Keep the cuffs folded out above the stocking.

Step 6: This is where is can get tricky!  Sew the edges of the cuffs so they line up as close as possible with the finished edge of the stocking.  Trim the excess.  Flip the cuff down so all seams are hidden.

Step 7: Using embroidery floss, straight stich the cuff in place all the way around.  Repeat this stitch on the toe and heel caps.  This is both functional and decorative.

Step 8: Finishing touches.  You can add a name by simply cutting out letters and stitching in place.  I tack them down with a little glue to make sure they stay in line.

Step 9: Add a loop so it can be hung.  You can either use a single strip of felt or a double one.  I made this the same way at the curtain tabs in my August 7th post.  Sew this to the inside of the stocking, making sure to position it so the stocking will hang flat.

That's it!  You are ready to fill it with Christmas goodies!