Wednesday, June 28, 2023

June Hodgepodge

June was jam packed, who knew we could get a little more in.  We had some great food this month, cherry dilly bars, burger food truck, and Krispie Kreme donuts courtousy of my parents on the way back from their road trip.
Parker has been killing it at his summer program.  He is trying new things every week and and making everyone smile!
Our unprecedented pool streak continues and now it's a matter of pride!  We have some out of town days on the horizon and I am not sure if I should count those as official misses or not.  it's been so hot, the pool has almost felt too warm from time to time (not according to Jimmy).
I broke out the water balloons for a change of pace.  It took a while to fill and they were all gone in just a moment, but they helped clean up and had a good time.
Here is our updated pool count.  We had 80 days all of last year and are already over half of that, so it should be a pretty epic season!

Sunday, June 25, 2023

Guthrie and Grad Party

My friend, Annie, works at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis as a draper.  She gave us her opening night tickets to see "Into the Woods" on Friday.  I've seen clips of it, but never the whole thing.
It was on a thrust stage which really immerses you in the show.  It was full of great music and great laughs.
On Saturday we went to a grad party for Lucy from church.  They had a variety of salads and cake.
We made a stop at the park before heading home.

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Swimming with Sherry and Ryelle

The kids and I had a free day this week so we headed over to our friend's house to swim in their pool.  Esme was so excited to go in the big pool.
Esme was able to spread her wings a bit and Parker is getting more adventurous as well.
Thanks or having us over!

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Father's Day Twins Game

We made a last minute decision to go to the Twins game on Sunday for Father's Day.  We've taken the kids each individually, but have never gone with all 4 of us and it's been probably been over 8 years since we've taken Parker.  Now that they are both a little older, we decided to give it a go.  Here is Jimmy's pre-game pose.
We aimed to arrive right as the game was starting in hopes of lasting as long as possible.
We got a great little section of 4 seats on their own with a rail in front.  
Jimmy was very eager to check out the new video boards they installed, the most notable being the big one in left center.  It previously had wings with stationary advertisements, but the video board takes up the full area now.  Please pardon my low resolution google located before and after pictures.
Esme was excited for the food, including min-donuts.  She was also a fan of taking pictures.
We made it through 90 minutes before getting up to take a stroll.  Esme was hunger, so we grabbed a cheap eats hot dog.
Another feature we were looking forward to seeing was the new-ish sensory suite.  The Twins added this space last season as a respite for anyone needing a sensory break.  It was on the suite level and has a larger space with toys like magnet tiles, marble board, and pop-its.  You could sit in the outdoor area as well and they provided earmuffs.
Parker was asking to go home, but was more than happy to hangout in here while we watched more of the game.
The main area was well sound-proofed, but they had two smaller rooms with adjustable lighting and white noise if needed more of a reprieve.  This is a really encouraging resource for us and other families with special needs.
We didn't quite make it to the end of the game.  The Twins started a comeback in the 8th and I was worried we were going to miss it, but they lost in the end.  Esme said tigers are her favorite animal, so she was rooting for Detroit anyway.  Looking forward to our next visit as a family!

Monday, June 19, 2023

Weekend Visitors

We were planning to have our second overnight with Jaxxon and Jameson, but planned changed and they just came for a few hours.  We still had plenty of fun together.  We started cooling off in the pool.  The boys love splashing around so much!  They are a lot more mobile this year, which helps in the pool.
After swimming, we took a walk to the park where they had fun exploring.
Jameson really thought the tube was fun.
The swings were the biggest hit.  They both got mad when it was time to go.
After supper, they enjoyed some donut on our saucer swing.
Thanks for the great visit!