Thursday, November 2, 2023

Halloween 2023

We woke up Halloween morning to a couple inches of fresh snow.  Both kids were super excited for the first snow of the year!
It warmed up a little during the day, but not enough to melt it all away.  We bundled up and put on boots to go trick or treating.
Esme really stuck it out this year and didn't start complaining 10 houses in.  We stayed out for about 40 minutes and got a decent haul.
We caught this gem on camera while handing out candy later.  These girls had some great commentary on Luigi and Bowser being together.

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Beyond 100 Parks #117 - Southwood Green Park - Plymouth, MN

This was a chillier visit, but we bundled up.
Key Features
Most the parks we've been to recently have been newer ones.  It was a little refreshing to have an older one.
There was a basketball court between the main structure and swings.  Esme was bummed we forgot our ball.
Small and dated, but still 6 swings.

Emma's Bridal Shower

Our good friend, and pastor's daughter, Emma, is getting married soon.  I helped host a bridal shower with her sister Anagrace on Friday.  We did pretty simple autumn decor and light snacks.
Emma is a little more low-key so I didn't go all out with games like I did for Anagrace.  We had a "guess the age" game first.
The we followed up with "oldie, but goody" toilet paper wedding dresses.
Emma's fiance, Andrew, joined us as well and got to be one of the models.
His grandma helped put the finishing touches on it.
Maddie's team took the crown as winners.
I also had fun making a bridal MadLib that turned out so funny!  "Schoogling" is my new favorite word.
Congrats Emma, we are so excited for you and Andrew!

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Owl City at The Uptown Theater

Jimmy and I got a night away to see one of our favorite bands, Owl City.  We stopped at Wild Bill's for dinner before heading to Uptown.
The service was a little rough, but the food was delicious.  Jimmy had a pulled pork sandwich and I got the appetizer sampler.
We arrived just 35 minutes before show time, but the line was wrapped all the way around the block.
The line went pretty quick and we were able to get to our seats in time for the show.  Something I love about Adam's shows is that they are truly all ages.  We saw kids and seniors alike enjoying themselves.
Augustana was the opening act.  While formerly a multi-person band, it's just one guy now.
Adam came on and gave a killer performance.
Can't wait for the next one!