Sunday, July 30, 2023

Frolics Fireworks and Friend's Birthday

The Crystal Frolics have fully bounced back from covid shutdowns, but it's just not the same living on the other side of town. They also haven't brought back the waffle breakfast, which we loved.  We did take in the first night of fireworks at our friend Sherry's house.  The kids were confused about staying up late, and Esme nearly sabotaged the plans when she wanted to stay in bed.
We couldn't see the ones close to the ground, but got enough of the show and none of the traffic.
On Saturday we made our first visit to New Hope Aquatic Park for a birthday party.  This place is pretty epic!  Even with our pool at home, I might consider a membership next year for a little variety.
We followed up the water park with snacks, cake pops, and presents at the birthday girl's house.
Elinor loved the FurReal Poopsalot Esme got for her birthday, so I knew it would be the perfect gift.
She crashed on the couch when we finally got home.  Such a great day!

Thursday, July 27, 2023

July Hodgepodge

Here is some other silly stuff from July.
Parker and I have been enjoying bike rides.  He's even been going off road a little along our park path.
We had out first summer church small group gathering. We shared a meal and great company.
Parker's school had a car wash fundraiser and I was able to stop by to support it.
We had a double grad party day including a breakfast party, which I 100% endorse. donuts for the kids and build your own breakfast sandwich for me.
We had another play date with Esme's BFF, Najee. They had so much fun playing Mario Kart and Mario U together.  Apparently the trick to 2 player on Mario U is being 7 because we can't even complete a simple level when I play with her.
Esme and I watched Finding Nemo in preparation for her first musical/play this fall, Finding Nemo Kids.  She also had a second bout of swimmer's ear, hence the thermometer in the picture.
Despite that, she was well enough to indulge in lots of treats one Sunday.  Cupcake at church and Birthday Cake Remix from Cold Stone.
We've reached almost 70 days in our pool streak!  It's going to take a lot to break it now!

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Nebraska: Part 2

Esme and I were able to snag some twist cones at Casey's on the way back to Yankton.
We got in two more swim sessions Saturday night and Sunday morning before hitting the road home.
But not before making another donut stop!
The square cronut was to die for!
We made plans to stop for lunch in Windom with everyone else to celebrate my mom's birthday and had a little time to burn while they caught up.  I used Roadside America's map view to find a destination on our way.  Turns out there is a little monument marking where South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa all meet.
Esme was really excited to be in 3 states at once, but bumped her knee on the way out of the car and didn't want to participate.  You can see her moping in the background of the first picture.  We are standing in the middle of road in this one.
Here we are clearly in 3 different states.  My friend, Tyler, commented on Facebook that he couldn't believe I left my kid behind in another state.
I ordered ahead at Godfather's pizza and we arrived just in time.
Not too far down the road, my brother ended up having trouble with him truck pulling a camper.  We turned around to make sure they were covered.  It didn't seem like a quick fix and was limiting the speed he could go.  So, we did some rearranging, loaded up Kelsey and the boys in our van and drove the final leg.  We had taken out on the seats, so it was snug (and not super comfortable for me).  They all fell asleep pretty quickly and stayed that way until just before we got them home.  It was a long day, but I was glad we were there to help them get home.

Monday, July 17, 2023

Nebraska - Part 1

We visited my grandma in Nebraska this last weekend.  I decided that the pool streak won't be broken if no one is home that day, but will if we are hope at any point.  I took the kids to school and we planned to pick them up and hit the road, so it was up to me to keep the streak alive.  I hopped in on my morning break about 9:45.  We had a pretty good drive down, just hitting a brief line of storms south of Jordan.
Meanwhile, my parents and brother's family had made it down earlier and were enjoying time with Grandma and Larry.
Grandma loves spoiling the grandkids and soaks up all the time she can with them.
We stopped for ice cream and cookie dessert in Sioux Falls on our way to the hotel in Yankton, SD.
We arrived in time to enjoy the pool before it closed.  It had a slide which the kids loved!
Saturday morning we were on the hunt for a plant for Grandma for her upcoming birthday.  We didn't find one in town, but leave it to Jimmy to spot a donut shop! A lovey sugar treat before our 2 hour drive to Grandma's house.
Esme drew a picture of her cat, Cutie, on the way. Grandma loved it and put it on the fridge to see every day.
We gathered at eh local American Legion since there was more space to eat and socialize.  Fried chicken, sides, and plenty of desserts.
Jaxxon and Jameson took a picture with one of the other twins in the family, great uncle Faron.
Parker had so much fun playing with Jaxxon's cars.
All the kids cooled down in the water table outside before starting a corn hole tournament.
Ramsey and Faron came from the losers bracket to knock out Angie and Sean for the win.
Lydia and I were LSquared.  We may have been eliminated, but two Ls make a W!
Esme played cards with Grandma and we all had fun catching up.
Photoshop gave us a pretty decent group picture.  Esme had the same face in all of them, haha!
Back: Sid, Janet, Jayden, Lesa, Jimmy, Cindy, Faron, Angie, Lydia, Rogan, Sean, Ollie, Kelsey, Ramsy
Middle: Jameson, Parker, Esme
Front: Deb, Randy, Grandma Bett, Jaxxon, Larry

And a couple more grandkid/great-grandkid pictures for good measure.
Next Up: The eventful trip home.