Thursday, July 27, 2023

July Hodgepodge

Here is some other silly stuff from July.
Parker and I have been enjoying bike rides.  He's even been going off road a little along our park path.
We had out first summer church small group gathering. We shared a meal and great company.
Parker's school had a car wash fundraiser and I was able to stop by to support it.
We had a double grad party day including a breakfast party, which I 100% endorse. donuts for the kids and build your own breakfast sandwich for me.
We had another play date with Esme's BFF, Najee. They had so much fun playing Mario Kart and Mario U together.  Apparently the trick to 2 player on Mario U is being 7 because we can't even complete a simple level when I play with her.
Esme and I watched Finding Nemo in preparation for her first musical/play this fall, Finding Nemo Kids.  She also had a second bout of swimmer's ear, hence the thermometer in the picture.
Despite that, she was well enough to indulge in lots of treats one Sunday.  Cupcake at church and Birthday Cake Remix from Cold Stone.
We've reached almost 70 days in our pool streak!  It's going to take a lot to break it now!

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