Sunday, July 30, 2023

Frolics Fireworks and Friend's Birthday

The Crystal Frolics have fully bounced back from covid shutdowns, but it's just not the same living on the other side of town. They also haven't brought back the waffle breakfast, which we loved.  We did take in the first night of fireworks at our friend Sherry's house.  The kids were confused about staying up late, and Esme nearly sabotaged the plans when she wanted to stay in bed.
We couldn't see the ones close to the ground, but got enough of the show and none of the traffic.
On Saturday we made our first visit to New Hope Aquatic Park for a birthday party.  This place is pretty epic!  Even with our pool at home, I might consider a membership next year for a little variety.
We followed up the water park with snacks, cake pops, and presents at the birthday girl's house.
Elinor loved the FurReal Poopsalot Esme got for her birthday, so I knew it would be the perfect gift.
She crashed on the couch when we finally got home.  Such a great day!

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