Monday, December 24, 2018

Double Christmas

We had two Christmas gatherings on Saturday.  The first was with Jimmy's immediate family.  Unfortunately, he was working and didn't get to attend.  We had brisket and ham (pizza for the kids) for lunch, followed by presents.

 Both kids got some much needed clothing and Esme got a Little People Friend Ship, which is like a cruise ship.  This will be a great toy leading up to our vacation this spring.
 It's been a whole since we got a picture of all 6 of the Herrmann grandkids.  Maybe because this is the best we can do...
Izzy, Paul, Parker, Grace, Esme, Emma
 The second gathering was immediately after the first.  We ran home to pick up Jimmy and headed to his aunt and uncle's for the extended family gathering.  Over 30 of us got together for some great food and fun.  I came home with a Bob Ross Chia Pet from the gift exchange.  There will (hopefully) be a post in January about his progress.

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