Monday, December 11, 2017

Tour of Mythicality

A couple years ago I caught on to the Good Mythical Morning craze.  It is a YouTube show hosted by two quirky almost middle aged guys who have been friend since first grade.  They talk about random things, play silly games, and eat weird stuff.  They have over 12 million subscribers now, a YouTube TV show, book, and sold out cross-country tour.  When I heard about this unique in person experience more than 6 months ago I just had to go.  Jimmy is a casual watcher, but thinks it gets too silly sometimes.  Despite this, he played the good husband role and agreed to tag along.  My mom stopped by on her way home from work Friday to pick up the kids.  We headed downtown and grabbed dinner at Davanni's prior to the show.
 It was originally slated to take place at the Fitzgerald theater in St. Paul.  Demand was overwhelming and the 1000+ seats were snatched up quickly, so they moved it to the 2500+ Orpheum in Minneapolis.  This was the largest venue on the tour.
 I've never been to there before, but it is a gorgeous old theater.  We had really good seats about 10 rows from the front.
 They incorporated aspects of the book they released, their YouTube content and other musical offerings.
It stayed just silly enough for Jimmy to be fully entertained.  They did a brief Q&A afterwards as well.  It was a very fun night and I hope I get to see them again some day.

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