Friday, December 29, 2017

Crafting Recap

It's been a busy second half of the year, but I have made time for crafting.  Just before my parent's went on their solar equinox road trip I made my dad "Nebrasketball" shirts.  This a saying that has floated around for a year or two, but there were no good t-shirts out there, so I designed my own.  He has already tasked me with adding something to the back.
Jimmy got a new TV when we moved in to the new house and I got a stand mixer.  It seems that adding custom decals is a thing people do, so I made mine look like diamond plate!  Seems fitting since I sell metal for a living and it looks frickin' sweet!
I did a decent amount of holiday crafting too.  I used vinyl to help my friend, Rachel, etch dragonflies on candle holders.  Glass etching has been on my list of things to try, and now I am really excited for my own projects.
I got digitally crafty with our Christmas card as well.  We took a nice family picture in front of our fireplace, but this one was much better, so I designed around it.  The Vikings are having a great year as well, so it seemed fitting.
 I bought the tree decorations below at Home Goods, but I made a wreath for our fireplace out of red fleece and some ribbon.
You've seen pictures of my completed ugly sweater, here it was after painting.  I cut out hooves from vinyl, then used a toothbrush to splatter paint.  I removed the vinyl to leave the prints.
I also made a sweater for my co-worker, Lauren.  She wanted one with her cat Gus, on it.  She gave me a few pictures and I kind of did a hybrid of him as a kitten and an adult.  His features were more defined as a kitten, but he's kind of got a grumpy look about him as an adult.  I made the letters look like claw marks and added some cuts to make it look torn.
Gus was obviously pleased with the outcome!
I have some more crafting planned for the new house and elsewhere in 2018, so stay tuned!

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