Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Year's Weekend

This first picture summarizes our weekend perfectly.  It was absolutely frigid (-19 on this particular morning) and it was filled with Moana.  
It has been so fun watching the love grow between Parker and Esme.  He runs to her door every morning, "Em-ay, Em-ay."  She loves chasing him and recently started sitting in his lap like she does with Jimmy and myself.  She loves snuggling and is becoming more attached to her blankets.  She's been carrying around this pink fuzzy one for days.
 Parker got a ridiculous amount of Play-Doh for Christmas, so we had a family Play-Doh party!
 I made a sandwich that looked so good Esme wanted to take a bite!  I think I scared her when I tried to stop her.
 We experimented with hairstyles a bit.  Most of her hair wants to fall to the front of her head, which makes it tricky to put up, but it keeps the long parts out of her eyes.
I didn't make it up to midnight and was out at 10:30 New Year's Eve, but I had fun with Esme before bedtime.
 We rocked the first family snuggle of 2018 and I look forward to many more!
Go all in this year, have fun, be silly, be compassionate, love with all your heart!
Let's do it 2018!

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