Monday, February 4, 2019

Fast Food Formal

I don't recall if I mentioned that I started volunteering with the youth group at church this year.  Since I became a Christian in high school, youth group was one of my foundational experiences.  The first few months have been so fun getting to know the kids.  Friday (middle school) and Saturday (high school) nights were the first annual Fast Food Formal.  We got dressed in our finest clothes and ate junk food!
 Both evenings started with dinner and listening to music.
 Soon enough the middle schoolers were dancing up a storm.  There were a lot more girls on Friday and more boys on Saturday.
 We broke up the evening with a few different games and activities.
 A great group of leaders and middle schoolers!
 Sherri and I had a little fun with an old school prom pose.
 Esme tagged along on Saturday and wore one of the flower girl dresses from our wedding.
 Her friend, Miggy, joined her for pizza on the floor.
 There wasn't nearly as much dancing Saturday since there were more boys, but we still had fun.
It took a while for Esme to warm up to the party, but Miggy shared some snacks and she was running around shortly after that.
 We played a version of extreme spoons using McChickens.
The final round had them running to another part of the church in search of the sandwich!
We learned so much from the first year and will be able to make it even better in the future!

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