Saturday, April 3, 2021

Journey to 100 Parks #40 - Becker Park - Crystal, MN

I have been looking forward to this park since long before we began our 100 parks project.  WE chose to visit pretty early on a Saturday in hopes of avoiding crowds.  Any semblance of nice weather and this park is swamped!  Jimmy parents came by to join us as well.
The was one of our two home parks at our old house and visited it many times.  Here are a few videos of Parker on the old structure.  It used to be tucked in the corner behind the bandshell.  They removed softball fields and added this huge play structure and a splash pad.
There were so many places to go and look.  Parker ran to the zip-line immediately and spent most of our visit there.
Esme began exploring the main structures and was hard to find at times.
This playground has something for everyone from 1 to 99 and caters to all abilities.
There must have been every spinning feature Landscape structures offers somewhere in this one.
We capped our morning with some apple cider donuts in Robbinsdale.  
It shouldn't be a surprise that this one gets 10 swings!  Epic and amazing and right in our own city!  We can't wait to visit again!

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