Friday, April 2, 2021

Journey to 100 Parks #39 - Natchez Park - Golden Valley, MN

This park is in the cutest neighborhood in Golden Valley.  The drive through was almost more entertaining that the playground (at least for Jimmy and myself.). There was a great combination of traditional, contemporary, and modern homes.  It would be a fun neighborhood to live in.
Key Features
I had the day off to give Jimmy a early end to his solo spring break run.  We got to knock out this visit in the morning.  This was a pretty generic park with nothing really remarkable.
Parker was having a bit of a rough day.  He really thrives on structure and didn't have much over the last week.  It will be good when he goes back to school on Tuesday.
We've been playing hide and seek a lot.  She usually asks me to play, but asked Jimmy this time.

We'll give this one an extra swing for the great neighborhood, 7 will do.

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