Saturday, April 10, 2021

Journey to 100 Parks #43 - Midway Peace Park - St. Paul, MN

I saw this park on a Landscape Structures Facebook post last fall and was very excited to visit it.  This is the furthest we've traveled for an official visit so far, and you'll see why.
Key Features
Built on a hillside, this park offers an incredibly unique play experience.  Both kids headed through the hoops up to the slide right away.
Parker loved just running up and down the hill.  Talk about a great way to tired some kiddos out!
The climbing structures at the bottom were pretty cool and are great for older kids (and me)!
It took Esme a few tries, but she eventually made it up the tower.  I love to watch her wheels turn as she figures out the best way up.
It was a chillier afternoon, so we mostly had the place to ourselves.  Esme did find a friend towards the end of our visit that played hide and seek with her.
Not quite perfect, but pretty close.  9 swings for this adventurous site.

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