Monday, April 19, 2021

Journey to 100 Parks #47 - Kelly Park - Robbinsdale, MN

We were back to winter coats today with temps in 30s.  That didn't stop us from getting out to the park.
Key Features
This one was recently redone as well.  Kompan must have the current contract with the city because we've seen several newer structures from them in Robbinsdale.
Parker was a little distracted by a couple of guys on a small fat tire dirt bike.  He would have chased them around the whole park if we let him.
The highlight was the huge net climber.  Once again, Esme was a bit timid, but I can see this being packed with older kids on a nice day.
Parker explored it some, and I forced Esme to get on the little swing.  She was not happy.
This was a fun, unique park that gets 8 swings.

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