Sunday, April 11, 2021

Journey to 100 Parks #44 - Begin Park - New Hope, MN

We stopped at this park on the way to grandpa and nana's.  The kids don't have school tomorrow and my mom is watching them.
I was excited to see another zip line so soon after Becker Park.  Esme really took a liking to it as well.  She fell off this one at one point and scraped her face a bit.
She is becoming more comfortable with the net climbers and finding her way through.
Parker spent most of his time on the zip line again.  He rides it and also just likes to push the seat on it's own.
We've seen a couple larger seesaws, we were all able to ride this one.

You can see Esme's cheek wound in this picture.  She's been getting more "boo boos" lately and loves talking about them.
We've been to a lot of nice parks lately and this is another 8 swing visit.

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