Monday, April 5, 2021

Easter 2021

So much to celebrate this year.  It is our first holiday celebrated with family in over a year.  We started our morning with an egg hunt at home.  I kept the sign I made last year and may just keep reusing them. It was a gorgeous sunny day.
We have done a few community hunts in years past, but this was the first on our own.  Esme was only barely 3 for the last one, so this was her first true shot at it.  She did really well and only needed a little redirecting.  There was a bit of competition, but Parker caved and gave any debated eggs to her.
Esme wanted to count and open all her eggs right away, but Parker didn't have much interest.
We did baskets after our egg hunt.  Both kids got more candy, some snacks and a couple toys.
My mom found these cut little battery powdered fans at Dollar Tree that are perfect for Parker.
I finished prepping for lunch with Jimmy's family after the fun stuff.  His parent's still cannot have visitors in their apartment, so we offered to host.  Most of the adults have been fully vaccinated and I had my first dose a week and a half ago.  We mainly socialized outside and just came in to eat.
I baked a spiral ham, carrots and asparagus, and served hawaiian rolls.  Jimmy's mom brought cheesy potatoes, salad, and banana cream pie and his sister brought deviled eggs.
It was also Grandpa Jim's birthday, so I made a lemon cake on request.  it was the hit of the day, even for Esme.
Even better than the cake, was the company.  Esme loved playing with her cousin Emma.
Every time I asked if she was ready for quiet time, she has an excuse to keep playing.  Sure enough, she crashed when everyone left about 4:00.

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