Thursday, April 1, 2021

Journey to 100 Parks #38 - St. Mary's Park - Plymouth, MN

We chose this park because I had a couple of pickups to make in Minnetonka and this was nearby.  Esme fell asleep in the car and was still waking up for this picture.  The sign and playground were a short walk apart, so she had a chance to wake up a bit.
Key Features:
This looked to be an older structure, but still had some adaptive equipment that is more common in new playgrounds.
The main platform had multiple ways up and down.
This wheel has seen much better days and didn't spin fast enough for Parker's liking.
The spelling sliders was Esme's favorite.  You could spell different words by matching up the pictures at the bottom.
While dated, this park was ahead of it's time whenever it was installed.  7 solid swings.

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