Monday, April 5, 2021

Journey to 100 Parks #41 - Maple Creek Park - Maple Grove, MN

My mom watched the kids today since they did not have school. We hit up this park after picking them up and before grabbing some pizza for supper.  Esme was looking pretty tired and we didn't want to give her a chance to all asleep.  We also didn't want to miss out on enjoying the record breaking 85 degree day.
Key Features
Esme's favorite feature was the climbing dome. "I'm the king of the world."
It was a pretty windy evening, but rain is rolling in and it's going to be a very wet week.  We may not get to another park until the weekend.
There were three spinning features that Parker appreciated.
I thought about giving this one 8, but am going with my original gut and sticking with 7.  As we go further along, I think I need to be more discerning.  Fun, but nothing to phone home about.

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