Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Really, 2015?  I saw it in writing for the first time the other day and I almost laughed!  Not sure why...
looks so strange to me.  Maybe its the "5" since I was born in 1985.  That means I am going to be 30 this year!  It didn't freak me out when I turned 29, but the closer it gets the stranger it feels.  Especially when I overhear two 21 year olds complaining about how old they feel in line at Chipotle.  They were talking about how it is just counting down the decades after you turn 21...I guess I will have one down soon!  There are so many exciting (and a bit nerve-racking) things to come next year and many things that we have no clue about yet.

2014 was great in so many ways, but had it share of uncertainty as well.  I left my previous job at the end of May without another one lined up.  I had an amazingly fun 7 weeks at home with Parker this summer, then started a new job in July.  Just about 6 months in I am loving it.  I think I dreamed of things turning out this way when I left a difficult situation.  It has been a challenging (in a good way) position and I have already been promoted.  It is such a fun place to work.  This change has added some responsibility to Jimmy in regards to Parker's therapy, but he is being an amazing dad and husband with it all.  I am so thankful for Jimmy's faith in my choice.  Hopefully this is only a shadow of the things to come!

Maybe I don't have as many things to worry about as I thought!  How are you feeling about the new year?  Anything you are excited or nervous about?

P.S. This is post #300!  Whoa, can't believe I have stuck it out for that many!  Thanks for sticking around or tagging along!

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