Monday, January 5, 2015

First Day of Preschool!

Parker started preschool today!  This day seemed a long way off when we first started talking about it, but it came, and we survived!  We got him a little backpack last week and I made a little name tag with felt and fabric paint.
 The weather was not on our side.  It was probably the coldest morning of the winter so far and the optimistic SpongeBob ad wasn't helping...
 I just bundled him up in lots of layers to stay warm!
 Our daycare lady walked him to the bus.  He was already a bit skeptical!
 It was a bit traumatizing to be put in a strange vehicle, by a strange person, but he calmed down pretty quickly.
 Once at school, the teacher comes out to get him off the bus.  All transfers are hand-to-hand, which eases my nerves a lot.
We got a call from his teacher mid-morning and again in the afternoon.  He had an amazing day.  He cried a little when I left, but was fine once he got to the table in his classroom.  He transitioned well between activities with no fussing or crying at all.  I am not surprised how well he did, but I am very proud!  He is such a big boy now!

We went to his favorite place to celebrate his big day, Perkins!
I Rock! 
I am so excited for this next step.  I think the addition of an organized classroom environment is going to help him gain new skills.  2015 is going to be an awesome year, it will only get better from here!


  1. Parker looks so excited all dressed and ready to go! I'm glad you got to follow the bus to the school. I know that would have made me feel much better. I'm so impressed with how well he did!!

    1. We were impressed as well and he just keeps on thriving. I had a great chat with his teacher on Wednesday. She says he is all smiles, all day every day!