Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Journey to 100 Parks #27 - Dakota Park - St. Louis Park, MN

We visited this park after a Target pick up and it gave Jimmy a big dose of nostalgia.  This is the park that he hung out at as a teenager.
Key Features:
A lot has changed since the 90s.  There is a newer play structure with a lot of great activities.  Parker found the wheel immediately followed by the seat spinner.  This one had a bit of an awkward shape and was hard to spin fast on.
Parker loves the tilted skyrunners and wants to get on by himself so bad!  He could almost reach the lower end of this one, but still needed a boost.
This little rock climber provided my favorite picture of the night.  Esme made this pose all on her own and even held it so I could take a picture.  It reminds me of one of those weird high fashion photos or something a Kardashian would do.
We got to take a little stroll on the bridge to see if the porto-potty was open.  Thankfully it was, because Esme really needed to go.  She had never used one before and exclaimed "mama, it's working!"  
Nothing exceptional about the park itself, but it gets an extra swing for posterity. 8 swings.

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